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Audio Pervert (Samrat B) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Valencia, Spain. A musician, producer, DJ, curator and writer, he is connected in myriad ways with global music culture for 20 plus years. Born in New Delhi India, Samrat has spent his 20's and 30's creating music and 'indie scenes', with bands and singers + creating sound and beats to various hit tunes for Bollywood movies. His repertoire is connected with a host of institutions based in India, Germany, China, Norway, France, U.S. and Switzerland. "In love" with synthesizers and the ever changing spectrum of electronic music. An artist identity made of techno, synthesis, feminism and climate-justice.A "live-techno" DJ for a good part of the last decade, performing at festivals, nightclubs, secret parties, run-down venues and raves in India, Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, Italy, France, China, La Reunion etc. As a curator, ideas have materialised into projects and frameworks with international impact - as compilations, films, artist-exchanges, networking and touring.  "The objective of exploiting digital technology and electronic music, for me, is to empower artists in India and across the world " The Audio Pervert Blog reached 2.3 million page views in August 2020.

'Extinction' is the 7th independent album by Audio Pervert. The album [duration 34:10] is dedicated to Climate Justice and the 6th Mass Extinction. The sound is a reactionary outcome to the on-going sacrifice of the ecosystem and the planet for the continuation of industrial civilisation (human progress). An audio-narrative, call it Post-Techno, using minimal resources made of analog instruments, field recordings and virtual processing. Splitting the attention between tone, modulation, rhythm and space. 

MERGE EMERGE -  First electronic music collaboration between India and Norway - made of 18 artists from both nations, audible across 13 songs. A passionate response from electronic music producers, who are clearly diverse in age, background and experience. Spanning one hour and ten minutes, the songs often conceal the roots and gender of the composers, which then makes us wonder if electronic music today as any correlation to nativity. Via electronic music culture, a new north-south link is being established, call it a direct synergy between artists and curators. Read more about the artists, curators and listen to the new vibrant sounds between India and Norway.

2010 - 2019 ▼
Since 2010, various projects, tours, compilations have marked the beginning of an era connecting Indian electronic music with the rest of the world. New pathways are being made via music education and empowerment of women, in context to electronic music in India. His ideas have materialised into projects and frameworks for several international ventures - including curation of books, compilations, installations and film. He envisioned and directed India's first anthology of Electronic music, HUB - published in 2010, in association with Goethe Institut and Music Gets Me High. Samrat B created various projects ( music, film, print, installations and showcases ) with organizations such as the Goethe-Institut, Dong Dong Festival (China), C.O. Pop festival (Cologne), Swiss Arts Council, Nature Morte, SAG France, Sakifo Festival. His remixes and projects have been featured with We-Are-Live-Music Spain, Cine Records Berlin, Dead-Plate London, Indiearth Xchange, India Music Week, Reproduce Artists, Wild City India and Sinotronics (China). Contributing as a music journalist and feature writer to publications (print and online) such as, Maxim, Rave, Indian Express, DeBug Germany, Border Movement Berlin, First City, Rock Street Journal. Currently contributing writer to Norient (Zurich), The Alphabet (London) and E-Radar (Germany).

Bombay Black 2015 - is the latest fruition of the original gang of musicians and producers from Bombay 1999-98. Almost 15 years past, new motivation and music resulted in a new album, videos, art and dozen plus remixes. The 2016 album, Snow White & The Seven Bungalows has been shared more than 220k from various websites, blogs & public domain. 100% indie in origin and sound, Bombay Black has been the buzzword for underground music lovers in India for a while now. 'Boing Boing' struck 157,000 hits as the video single. Snow White & The Seven Bungalows was remixed by 10 emerging producers based in India. The remix album featuring far-out interpretations of the original tunes, resulted in a cascade of reactions from listeners, fans and perpetrators alike. Download Remix Black

Synthfarm, India's leading residency for synthesis, electronic music, modular science and synth-making. Founded in 2015 by Varun Desai, Samrat B and Lionel Dentan, the annual residency is an international venture from India, Switzerland and Spain.  The residency has hosted more than 100 participants, mostly from India, over the last 5 years of it's formation. Audio Pervert curated several courses, the branding, a native sound library titled 'Sound Farm'  plus video narratives of participants and faculty.

Fembot5 - India's first collective field study into gender inequality and scope of empowerment in the culture sector (2017-2019). Fembot5 published 6 exhaustive essays with the help of artists, activists, pressure groups and academics based around the world. The initial effort grew into a brand and collective called FEMWAV in 2019. The new avatar is an international collective, made of musicians, writers, activists and artists working towards various empowerment models and increased representation for female and non-binary talent in India. The website is a 'sisterhood' showcasing artist narratives, music, mixes and essays about and by emerging female and NB voices of India. Audio Pervert is a member of FEMWAV.


Teddy Boy Kill - founded in 2008 with Ashhar Farooqui a.k.a ToyMob. A collusion inside the underground music fracas of New Delhi that sparked off as a new band fronting new aesthetics. Circa 2008, a proto-electronic lyric driven sound, came about as 'Teddy Boy Kill'. The name itself reeks of the ambiguous desire to destroy the tropes - of dominant culture. Bits of electro, bits of punk and psychedelic, emerging as a distinct aesthetic with provocative lyrics and imagery. Teddy Boy Kill rapidly proliferated itself at shady nightclubs, exotic islands, forest raves, swanky dungeons to international festivals, The duo traversed five intense years touring allover India, and into China, Sweden and La Reunion Islands. Intermittently they produced two albums, numerous remixes and a few slapdash 'pill fix' videos. Now branded as "one of the most brash and autodidactic sparks of Indian electronica" by NME in 2013. Teddy Boy Kill exit the planet somewhere in 2014!

CORE - Debut Album by POL - Da Saz - Audio Pervert 2015. The album is a result Indo-Swiss electronic music collaboration. Modular synthesis, video narratives and live concerts manifest the album in 2016 to 2018 in New Delhi, Kolkata, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich. The idea and execution is funded entirely by the involved artists, who contribute to the Real Networks Agency based in New Delhi & Geneva. Since 2017, Core is a part of Synthfarm, India's leading residency for electronic music, modular science and synthesis.

The Sino Indian Music Alliance SIMA has created most unique connections between electronic music artists based in India and China. Focussing on increased movement of innovative artists, producers, promoters and sound exchange in both directions since 2013 till date.

Project Pages -

Synthfarm - India's leading residency for synthesis & electronic music.

HUB (Indian Electronic Music Anthology) 1982-2010

Bant Singh Project. Word, Sound & Power

Finding Charanjit Singh (Ten Ragas To a Disco Beat)

'Sahi Bol' - The New Delhi Urban Transmission.

Bombay Black. 15 Years of Indie in India.

Sino-Indian Music Alliance.

CORE - Indo-Swiss Electronic Music Series.

Video by Audio?
Bombay Black Hole :
The Bu$y Pimp :
The World is Round :
Agent Videogene :

Audio Pervert Classick 2002-2006 ! 'the singles are dead'

Can I Eat This? by Audio Pervert 2015

Early Audio Pervert Sound-Tracks 2001/2010

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