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The Audio Pervert blog is an independent website dedicated to emerging culture, electronic music, ecology, feminist activism and our lives in the Anthropocene. Engaging with micro-communities, specialists, personas, artists who dare and those at the fringe, to build the stories we present. The website manifests itself through artist interviews, essays, biographies, field studies, analysis and the many 'transient' figures and moments within our very rich "audible history". In the words of Hannah Arendt "culture that is progressive serves people's needs and interests, and not the other way around..."
August 2022 the website counted 4.15 million page views, since inception in 2010. Twelve years which bind together, 550 plus articles as public-domain content. Since 2018, the editorial is committed to 'gender equality' in content and representation. The 10th anniversary article offers a deeper insight into our history, research and future directions. Thank you for supporting, reading and sharing the Audio Pervert blog! Simply grateful for your presence. Peace!

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