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audio pervert blog is an independent, bi-monthly music 'radar' covering a range of  alternative emerging electronic music, artists narratives, interviews and discourses surrounding music and culture. March 2019, the blog reached 1.75 million page views since it's inception in 2010. The website also serves as a panorama of Indian electronic music spanning the last 25 odd years. We cover a repertoire of international projects, cross-disciplinary practices, festivals, sound-art, synthesis, artist narratives and the occasional album review. Since 2018, the editorial is committed to 'gender equality' in content and representation. March 2020 the website will complete 10 years, holding together a decade of independent research, writing and content. This website is not a hype-machine or an EDM propaganda outlet, nor was created to perpetuate and amplify mass-culture (and it's mediocrity). We don't let mass media, brands, paid-hype and P.R agencies set the agenda or the content. A 100 % independent operation run by a tiny international team, our motto is to present the passionate, intelligent and provocative narratives surrounding music. We thank all our readers and visitors, across the world for supporting this independent blog and enterprise...

demosopinionsinformationrant ➡ audioperv@gmail.com

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