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audio pervert blog is an independent, bi-monthly music 'radar' covering a wide range of alternative, emerging electronic music and underground digital culture, sometimes even philosophy. February 2019, the blog reached 1.75 million views since inception. We interrogate the scene and present what inspires, searching the underbelly of modern music, what may be provocative or lost, and from artists and music often marginalised. The website serves as a panorama of Indian electronic music spanning 35 years as well as a repertoire of international projects, festivals, concerts, books, videography, sound-art, sound synthesis & album reviews. This is not an EDM website nor a hype-machine to amplify mass culture and it's mediocrity (as currently seen across the internet) We don't let mass media, brands, paid hype or press agents set the agenda or the content. A 100 % independent operation, 10 years old, our motto is to find the passionate, intelligent and provocative narratives in music and emerging cultures. We are listening to the world...

demos. opinions. information. rant ➡ audioperv@gmail.com

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