Mounaeir Kiers

By Audio Pervert - 8/16/2017

Mounaeir Kiers from India (exact location unknown) is an experimental sonic artist, indulging in far-out orchestral reconstruction, synthesis and post-rock noise. Yet very little is known about this artist's background and is far contrasting from the predictable rut of electronic music usually heard in big city hipster bastions in India. Further more, much anonymity and confusion hangs over the identity of the various names (Mounaeir Kiers, Investigations of a Dog and Infinite Jar)  A trio ? - As these appear three separate entities, yet are entwined into some sorts of 'Status Incognitum Sound' - We are not sure as to their present location, nor kind of equipment they use, nor a photo or even a written profile ! Pardon us, for not investigating deep enough. Recently, we were quietly informed by a source in Kolkata, that Mounaeir Kiers  and or Investigations of a Dog would not respond to emails in order to remain totally anonymous.  These artists remain very obscure yet brilliant in terms of maturity & composition (like a Burial or Banksy way of being incognito)

Why such artists are mostly unheard or unspoken for in Delhi or Bombay is easy to guess, since the bold spectrum of  such artist's music and stark political imagery does not fit the trendy and vogue standards of EDM nor the pretty-face-entertainment formulas pimped by the leading websites of Indian music. Sad as these institutions thriving on paid hype and safe entertainment have no clue usually, about new emerging talent or artists who exist on the edge of sonic culture. More 'indie' that indie could imagine or handle?

The artist's album titled Spankeol 4 follows parts 1, 2 and 3 and several other bizarrely named singles like "Dinner Un-American Woman" - "Kafka decided to garden therefore no future" and "Murder in Rose Garden". The artist clearly desires to ride the searing brutal noises as much as dive deep into orchestral and ambient overtures.  The artist seems entrenched in dramatic overture-based classical music (piano & strings) yet defying all the trappings of an 'orchestral' mindset.

The artist's bandcamp album titled 'Investigations of a dog X' is a way out glitch-ambient journey, somewhat like a devious breakdown of Aphex Twin meets Blade-Runner meets Autechre as a dark cinematic score.


Complete Works of Mounaeir Kiers :

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