Synthfarm 3 Call For Registration

By Audio Pervert - 8/10/2017

Welcome to Synthfarm ! A three day residency and workshop to demystify synthesis, unlock music production, understand the studio & share electronic music knowledge. India’s premier summit for modular synthesis and electronic music production, Synthfarm is set in the serene tropical surroundings within a spacious green farm in Dattopukur (45 kms outside urban Kolkata). Each year a milieu of producers, DJs, musicians and DIY geeks gather from all over the country to learn, collaborate and showcase emerging technology and talent. This October, Synthfarm completes 4 editions since it’s inception in March 2015. The initial grassroots effort has grown into an international venture this year as we step into many new exciting branches empowering musicians. We will be revealing whole new series of events as well as products in the months to come.

Whether you are an aspiring Musician, Producer, Sound Engineer or Synth-Freak or DJ, Synth-Farm is a very unique opportunity to learn, enhance and share your skills. Synth-Farm offers a three day journey into Do-it-yourself ethics, knowledge-base for professional musicians as well as basic and practical courses for beginners. Join the Synthfarm family of sound and synthesizers. Registration is open only via our website.

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