Sharks Attack - Bombay Black Remixes

By Audio Pervert - 9/23/2017

The Bombay Black siren is sounding out again! India's longest running indie sound-trail gets warped further with new remixes and a short promo video. Bombay Black presents two remixes produced by two very diverse artists, Jeet Thayil (Writer, Beat-poet and Musician) and Madboy (Singer, Guitarist and Producer of Madboy Mink). Titled Sharks Attack, the tunes  are in stunning contrast to each other. Jeet and an 'anonymous producer' deliver a hard-hitting, darkish "dub-rap" rendition titled 'We Push You Back'. Madboy (Imaad Shah) conjures up 80's synth-wave moods awash with desi-voices and electro beats jousting big square bass-lines, as Black Business. "quite notorious and quite trippy " states Paresh Kamath, one of the original member producers of Bombay Black. These remixes are witness to the shifting cadence of Bombay Black.

Jeet Thayil's written and spoken legacy has many facets, including his debut novel, Narcopolis, (Faber/Faber, 2012), which won the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature, was also shortlisted for the 2012 Man Booker Prize and the Hindu Literary Prize. Jeet, as a musician has worked with numerous bands, singers and producers for over 20 years now, building up a formidable reputation as a socially and politically charged artist yet very recluse from the seething masses. Imaad Shah a.k.a Madboy, is one half of the electro-pop duo Madboy Mink and has been active, emerging in the indie-music circuit for close to a decade, as a guitarist, singer, composer and producer. A self styled sound-rogue with a penchant love for all things retro. His latest EP (Dream Delite) is out!

Word by the Artists - Jeet Thayil on Bombay Black "The musicians of Bombay Black are early heroes of independent music in the city, from a time when it was vital, uncompromising, and beautiful..." Madboy on Bombay Black "couldn't resist doing this remix.. their last album was far-out crazy..."

Bombay Black and it's long running notoriety (or call it diversity) with genres, sounds and production, as heard on their previous albums and dozens of remixes, has created an aura of unpredictability. These two remixes are as 'whacked' and stoked in artistic indulgence as the previous remixes of 2015/16. "We don't want artists to suck on trends .. Bombay Black is outside that always" as put out straight by Audio Pervert, a producer and remix agent for Bombay Black.

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