Reaktor Tables

REAKTOR 6 comes with a comprehensive factory library, which includes hundreds of pre-built instruments, sequencers and effects. These various components are now available as Blocks, a new modular synthesizer framework within Reaktor. The new framework brings the experience of patching analog modular synthesizers and non-virtual devices together, as a coalition of software and hardware. Native Instrument's flagship software, Reaktor has grown tremendously in scope and size over the last 18 years, keeping itself contemporary against the big surge in modular and analog synthesizers fashion. Reaktor remains a favorite sound-tool for thousands of designers of ambient, generative, glitch, noise and cerebral audio art-forms.

2017 year end's festive season, we present a complete free download, worth 1.8 GB of Reaktor Blocks, Ensembles, Effects and some very far out conceptual synthesizers. A new library of instruments (not sounds) for composers, producers and electronic music 'scientists'. Plus the package contains several instruction videos for basic beginners as well as few short lectures on patching, building ensembles and control devices. The download is hosted on public domain as educational media. Sharing is caring!


Read/Download Complete Reaktor User Manual.

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