The Story of Ty Ziegel & Renee Kline.

By Audio Pervert - 4/08/2012

This image appeared first on facebook somewhere early 2008. It was not taken down as late as March 2012. The man in the uniform is Ty Ziegel and in the brides attire is Rene Kline. They were sweethearts when he went off to the invasion of Iraq, serving as an U.S. Marine. In 2004 however, a bomb-blast removed part of his skull, damaged part of his brain, left half of his left arm needing to be amputated, and blew off several of the fingers of his right hand. He can’t see from one of his eyes. He is practically deaf. After two years of surgeries and given recovery, Ty and Renee were married in october 2006. Initially (and predictably) this incident made headlines on the trash-tabloids, yet the image sparked off further online debates, the image going viral on thousands of websites, replete with ridicule and judgement. A year later Rene divorced Ty. "I just wish him the best but I hold the american government responsible for the condition suffered by Ty" said Kline at an interview in October 2011. Earlier that year, G.I. Bradley Manning (Now Chelsea) and Wikileaks exposed the litany of war crimes and tortures committed by American military and the White House.

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