Hybrid Protokol

By Audio Pervert - 5/02/2015

Kolkata and it's electronic music culture share a diabolic relationship. Short sparks of (brilliant) indie music that happens inside the inconsistency of an underground sound culture. It creates a sense of challenge within the hiatus all the time. Time and again, producers, musicians and artists have arrived from completely independent backgrounds loaded with creative virtues, expressed with new music, new technology and new bands.

This time it's Hybrid Protocol. Who is ? " We share a common passion derived from Old school Electronic Music, Big Beat, Synthesizers & Music Technology " Soumajit and Aneesh, created Hybrid Protocol in 2014, edging on the sound of "Big Room Dance" : Both have clearly spawned their zeal from the love of early electronica [ Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Orbital and such pioneers ] They express a serious need to play electronic music live and "Playing our creations in the most unique way possible, is what our main interest is at .. " Soumajit's Indian classical music background was subsumed into the lava of electronic sounds, and eventually bolstered by the emerging art of recording, mixing and taking on the gadgets 'alive'. Aneesh, in making, has remained one of the brightest kids in the underground scene of Kolkata, with an independent spirit and musicality. Both these DIY-heads combined their musical inspirations into Hybrid Protokol. The name itself suggests a dichotomy of sounds, styles, beats and forms, not staying within a genre or methodology. Though, they have not released an album, listening to their bandcamp single [ Dementia ] is nostalgic as well as niche electronica. Strongly hinting at Apollo440 and 'Orbitalesque' inspiration. Hybrid Protokol contains a heavy dose of post-psychedelic sound syndromes. Their live performance reveals an almost rampant and infectious energy : On the go, upon a non-stop barrage of synthesizer riffs clinging on solid beats and funky breaks, arps and subversive bass-lines.

New bands always spring forth capricious sounds and strange production maneuvers : a reflection of their taste and what they aspire to be. Hybrid Protocol is poised for a take-off in India : is rearing, almost screaming at making a place in the Indian electronic music map. Here is to "Big Room Electronica" and sending out live electronic music ! Hybrid Protokol is performing, premier at Summer House Cafe. New Delhi - 19th June.
IN CONCERT [ Border Movement Veda Lounge Session ]

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