Harsh Noise Movement and Audio Pervert

By Audio Pervert - 8/25/2017

'Na Hamrike Kheti Ba' (We have nothing to Farm) is a short noise-glitch piece written by Audio Pervert for the UK based noise/left-field label Harsh Noise Movement. The tune features the voice of a woman in Bihar, one of the millions effected by a severe drought and totally marginalized by the state and mass media. India is currently witness of approx. 4 million farmers who abandon farming and their homes to become pitiful migrant labor in various Indian cities, every year. The tune also features a stupendously fake and hilarious speech by the Prime minister of India. This piece is a reaction to the twisted and tormented times, spoken by the poorest people of India. The Harsh Noise Movement has long been a label that has showcased many artists and concepts of the marginalized and the outspoken. The tune contains samples from Sun-Ra and Aphex Twin. Read more about the label and it's founder here.

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