Bant Singh Project - New Delhi Films 2010.

The Bant Singh Project is a collective effort based around the life and songs of dalit singer and leader, Bant Singh. Living in Jabbar village (Mansa, Punjab). Bant Singh is an activist with the Mazdoor Mukti Morcha (★★★) who uses his powerful voice in a bid to transform caste politics and injustice which predates independent India. Singing about rebellion, hegemony, capitalism, inter-caste violence and the dire need for equality. The Word, Sound & Power collective created this brave collaboration, attempting to cover wide uncharted territories in music and socially relevant issues - a mash-up of cultures not often juxtaposed. Beats and sounds from Chris McGuinness and the well-informed, politically charged lyrical flow of Delhi Sultanate, attempt to spread the message to urban masses via popular forms such as dancehall, dubstep, and reggae. Bant Singh, the main protagonist of the film and a leading torchbearer of the Punjabi Dalits - joins these two urban 'upstart' artists to create a unique prospect, a voice unheard before via modern tone and sound.

This collaborative idea is born between Delhi Sultanate & Samrat B, in cooperation with the Max Mueller Goethe Institut, New Delhi. A project that would take on a serious and burning issue and juxtapose the same with music and sounds of another culture and class.

The project culminated in a short film shot in Bant's native Jabbar village - filmed on location by photographer Lakshman Anand, the footage was later stylised and edited by Loco Farm (Sourav Bhramachari). The film critically examines the need for voices of dissent in today's increasingly capitalised urban society. It also gives a deeper look into Bant Singh's background, his lyrical inspirations, 20 years of the unsung dalit struggle in Punjab, followed by a fusion of genres and electronic flavours between Chris McGuinness, Delhi Sultanate, Audio Pervert and Bant Singh. A bold attempt to bring together socially demanding issues and lyricism across two different languages in India. The venture is directed by Samrat B a.k.a Audio Pervert and is the flagship production of New Delhi Films. Simar Puneet & Saba Azad assisted in translations of text and spoken word.

The project is a joint collaboration between SamratB, NDF and Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi.



STOP PRESS ! The objective and critical acclaim of the Bant Singh Project has been felt in various parts of the world via other artists and interested public since 2010. Various media, magazines, blogs, critiques and film festivals have showcased the music and film. The film and music has reached deep into rural sectors of Punjab since its release in september 2010.
The music and media of the above film and footage is non-commercial, free-media content.
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