Hub is India’s first anthology of electronic music & the evolution within. A legitimate record of everything that’s past and currently happening in terms of music, artists and industry development. The published material is an official and unbiased statement about the artists, musicians, DJs and producers involved in this field and created a much‐needed platform to document the rising subculture. HUB is manifold as a publication, carefully spanning and searching the various facets of the electronic music culture in India and within the Indian diaspora in the UK, USA and Europe.

A brief synopsis of electronic music trends, into the how electronic music emerged in India since the 80s. Artist Profiles : Complete profiles of producers, bands, Djs and collectives, each containing   detailed information about their background, discography and links. A motley collection of Features written by various emerging players in the indian scene : A collection of features to highlight and critically examine the impact of electronic music in India with respect to prevailing tastes, lifestyle, genres and the various fringe and lesser‐known facets of this emerging urban subculture. An exhaustive Database of various record labels, artists managers, media services, websites, clubs and sound vendors is also included inside HUB. The book includes a CD with an impressive set of 11 songs as a compilation featuring emerging Indian artists and producers. A hi-rez version of the book in PDF format is also embedded in the CD. Viral distribution of the music and media is free and we hope to reach out to more people with the digital version of HUB ! 

HUB DIGITAL : Download PDF Book and Music Sampler.

HUB is a joint collaboration with Max Mueller Goethe Institut New Delhi, Samrat B & Music Gets Me High. A consuming affair for the key players who put this project to fruition, taking up almost 6 months to completion. The project has been fueled and designed by a host of graphic artists, writers, bloggers and music enthusiasts contributing to the various facets of the book. Edited by Simar Puneet, printed and compiled at Bug Eye Design & Rakesh Press in New Delhi. Native Instruments Gmbh (Berlin) and C.o.pop (Cologne) alongwith a host of affiliated partners such as Serve & Destroy (Cologne) - Submerge (India) & Head Fun (Switzerland) are associated with the venture.

Post Project 2012 - HUB has rapidly circulated and distributed ( without a publishing company ) in India and parts of the globe within a year of it's complition. The book and the project has been shared / discussed in wide areas outside India - Such as Berlin, Barcelona, Valencia, Amsterdam, NYC,  Cologne, London, Canada, Warsaw, Scotland, Bangladesh, even to reach Argentina and Portugal. HUB as a project and publication remains most unique - in print, and as a source of information and in-depth features about Indian Electronic music culture. The book is at a collectors status - post the limited edition release of 1400 odd copies in India. Last update March 2016 - None physical copies left to distribute-

DIGITAL BOOK / Hi-rez PDF Format.

HUB Digital - Complete book in Hi-rez PDF Format + Music Sampler ( Free version ) . All pages, design, logos, artwork and photographs and embedded media is licensed/encrypted to MGMH Ltd. India - SamratB. - Max Mueller Goethe Institut New Delhi. Limited Edition print 2010.

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