Sahi Bol - The Urban Transmission


Sahi Bol, The Urban Transmission was an unique attempt to combine musical synergies stemming out of New Delhi. A compilation of songs and music, produced and composed by 17 different bands, artists & producers - This was the sound of the capital city circa 2007. An attempt to redefine the sonic culture of New Delhi. An exotic mix and mash, of Rock, Electronica, Indie, Instrumental, Folk & Sufi influences colors the compilation. A project initiated by SamratB, fostered by Akash Gupta (Kshitij Studios) and Surojit Dev, released on SareGama India Records in 2007, the album went onto sell over 3000 copies and a number of torrents fueled viral sharing, online. The project was further supported and promoted by Hindustan Times under the ' I Love Delhi ' campaign. Featuring commercial & established rock bands such as Euphoria, Orange Street & Them Clones to upstart and nouveau producers such as Donn Bhatt & Mili Bhagat & Abhishek Arora. The album features debut artists such a StarGazer and the eclectic, electro sufiana combo of Da-Saz, next to pop rock acts such as Kshitij and Radius. Nascent and politically charged rap of Delhi Sultanate alongside the Drum&Bass ballad of Shreya Goyal in contrast to the vocal maturity of Paapon Angoraaj. Furthered by experimental and deep ambient sounds of Audio Pervert. The compilation also Features one of the earliest singles of fusion band Advaita alongside veteran experimental guitar player Arjun Sen.

" Sonic nativity with global taste " is what the creators of this compilation had in mind while putting the tracks together. The album represents a rather wide palette of sounds and songs, all composed, recorded and mixed in New Delhi. The album also stands as a most unique venture inside the fledgling indie music circles of India. No other Indian city has produced a compilation of this many artists and such myriad sonic diversity.

SAHI BOL is a Double CD compilation - All 17 songs are now available for download ( Hi-rez mp3 / 320K ) : All the songs are free media versions.


Note - All  copyrights of the songs / recordings remain with respective artists/bands/producers. Refer to the PDF inside the album folder for more info.  The record label [Saregama]does not hold any rights compilation beyond agreed period of 18 months. Sahi Bol and the associated recordings can now be freely distributed as a part of an agreement between the producers and contributing artists. SAHI BOL - The Urban Transmission Re-issue 2012. via Audio Pervert : SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC ! Share the Sounds, Spread the Love !

This is a package hosted by Audio Pervert - 6224 Downloads @ Mediafire (12.10.2014)

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