BOMBAY BLACK (1999/2002)

Bombay Black was a collective of musicians and bands formed in 1999 in Bombay (not known as Mumbai yet). Musical hedonism and insurgent motivation would borrow from electronica, rock, fusion, rap and jazz to formalize this collective. The Bombay Black pack created a genuine ruckus in the indie music circles of India circa 2000. Produced by Lindsay D, Samrat B, Paresh K & Randolf C, these two albums remain to date as the most ecletic and electronic  adventures created to represent an Indian subculture. That of Bombay, during 1998 - 2002. Volume 1 and 2 showcased a gamut of DIY producers and composers such as Anand Subaya, Abhijeet Nalani, Dhruv Ghanekar, T2, Tyrone and Floyd Fernandez, Vishal Dadlani, Kurt and Karl Peters, Jaydeep Thirumalai on various songs and in various production combos. Inspired and plotted in primary home studios ( dotted along the suburbia of Bombay) : The recording sessions were stoked with acid-jazz, drum&bass, trip hop, post-rock and pure experimental forms, as one can be hear on the two albums : The persistent idea of Bombay Black is borne out a direct need to create a unique yet hybrid form. Back then, it was the "in" sound of Bombay. The collective, comprising of nine members travelled to United States to perform at the Inland Invasion Festival in California, in August 2001. Post the tour, and further home grown collaborations and much deliberation, Bombay Black #2 was released in 2002. A much awaited and much critically viewed follow up to Volume 1 - brighter and somewhat commercial, the album featured new musicians, reflecting shades of jazz, pop and RnB alongside the experimental and crossover tunes. Bombay Black was a brilliant wave that eventually crashed around 2003, as the core propagators drifted away.

The involved junta of musicians and producers seeped off, deeper into their respective careers, ways and instruments - while some made it to the track and sound of Bollywood - some went into independent channels and new musical trajectories. Into the new millenia, the music of Bombay Black had acquired a retroactive rarified charm. The re-issue of the 2 compilations comes to life after a decade long under-buzz in circles of  indie music in India. Listen and share the sounds of the erstwhile Bombay Underground // Bombay Black as a statement, recording and music. 

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