Synthfarm 2020!

By Audio Pervert - 10/31/2019

We are stoked to announce the new dates for Synthfarm 2020! The residency will be held on February 7th, 8th and 9th. For those who might be wondering what is 'Synthfarm' ? It is India’s leading residency for synthesis, modular sound, music production, conceptual learning and synth-making. The three day annual residency, in it's 5th year now, is set inside lush tropical settings of Dattapukur West Bengal. Till date Synthfarm has hosted over 95 participants, since it's inception in 2015 with faculty from India, Switzerland, Spain and UK. The growing number of participants every year is witness to the diversity of age, experience, background and gender. The institution's core focus is on India - manifesting in education, empowerment of female talent and fostering the nativity of Indian electronic music. Visit the new website and apply for Synthfarm 2020

Synthfarm participation fee is set to the lowest possible price, in order to make the residency and the learning accessible to all. Open to beginners, emerging artists and professionals. The residency has a maximum capacity of 22 participants, provided with hospitality, meals, lodging, airport transfers and an environment dotted with nature and flora. Though located in a remote corner of West Bengal, Synthfarm is an international effort, co-funded and curated from India, Switzerland and Spain by Varun Desai, Lionel Dentan and Samrat B. In operation and curation, the residency is completely independent in nature, and has acquired an esoteric value for the education, experience and community building tenets. Watch 2019 Synthfarm Video Series

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Art by John Hajdar (UK)

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