By Audio Pervert - 7/06/2018

SOUND-FARM Volume One. 

Synthfarm presents an exclusive and free sound-library, produced by the curators of the residency. This collection of sounds, cheekily titled 'Sound-Farm' is made of original residency sounds and content. Synthfarm press-note states "We grateful to visiting participants, students and faculty who have contributed to this big archive of original sounds. Recording sessions, be they formal or informal are a great source of sounds for composers :  we will be releasing all the sounds edited and archived as a series through 2018 and 19" Volume One of Sound-Farm includes micro, short and long samples plus certain hybrid combined sounds, modular noise, FM-drums and ambient passages. Divided into three sections, the sound-library is loaded with speculative, surprising and contrasting content. A wide range of synthesizers used in the making of this catalog :  including the Korg MS20, Intellijel, Make-Noise, Mutable Instruments, Doepfer, ARP 2600, Elektron Analog, MFB Devices, Lyra-Synth, Roland SH101, Waldorf etc etc. Not so friendly for 'preset-lovers' the esoteric and unique sounds represent the current sonic spectrum of synthesis in India : The sound library is the effort of 20+ emerging artists, newbies as well as the curators : Recorded, archived and packaged by Synthfarm. DOWNLOAD HERE [356MB] Library.

Varun Desai [5Volts] explains "Having archived approximately 160+ hours of prepared synthesis, performance, tweaking. modulations as wave recordings created the possibility for a series of sound-libraries. Previously Synthfarm audio samples were featured in the Ninja Tune App titled NinjaJamm thanks to ColdCut visiting our residency in March 2018" Audio Pervert, based in Spain states "there are many hard vendors of sampled sounds and beats, yet most of their factory made products are exorbitant for most emerging artists and newbie producers. We think sounds, especially abstract tones and beats should be public access, for all composers and musicians" Modular artist Da-Saz explains his efforts as "with crazier sounds and beats the user is pushed to imagine, as compared to generic conventional plug-me-samples which are for everyday production. Modular synths, whacky sounds and noise can be a great source of sound-design for artist who usually don't use or have such instruments"

DOWNLOAD SOUND-FARM Volume One by Synthfarm

The Sound Bank is a free download under Creative Commons Share Alike Ideology. Various folders contain selections of long and short duration sounds in WAV/AIFF Format 48khz - 24bit -Mono/Stereo. The curators message to you "We hope the sounds inspire you : happy to hear your feedback : "

Next Synthfarm residency and new scholarship offers to be announced soon! Apply here :

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