Synth Farm

By Audio Pervert - 12/22/2015

Synthfarm. A three day residency for and by musicians who attempt to demystify the various building blocks of Synthesis, Ableton Live and How to Perform Live Electronic Music - December 2015. Synth Farm was witness to a spectrum of musicians, emerging DJs, studio hacks, synth freaks and sound designers - In discussion, full of questions and exploring the building blocks of electronic music and synthesis through a variety of courses. The in-formation of curriculum, the 3 day event was it's first kind set up by Varun Desai [Littlei / 5volts ] at a completely DIY (inexpensive economic) level. Such efforts are more 'valuable experiences' than the expensive crash-courses offered by music schools and tech-institutions in Delhi and Mumbai.

SynthFarm [4/5/6 December] saw 11 participants, 3 mentors, 2 cooks, 2 dogs and a vast collection of synthesizers, samplers and audio processors wired up. This is the first edition of a planned series of residencies to continue in 2016 and beyond. Approximately 12 hours of formal faculty lessons plus 10 hours of informal discussions, synthesis jams and exchanges were covered in the 3-day residency.

STUDIO #1 / Da Saz - Modular Science
STUDIO # 2 / The Live Studio by 5volts
STUDIO # 3 / Ableton Live with Audio Pervert

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