Pressed Over The Edge

By Audio Pervert - 12/15/2015

"We have a problem. Music industry, media and fans celebrating it all the time, but actually is just ancient hype : the record"
The absurdity of success in a century of digital totality is the one of Vinyl. Not only did it make a come back along the endless waves of eclectic and electronic music - it has now become the praise [if not prize] of the record industry. Within the art and process of vinyl the voices speak out for independence and regional success stories - While the electronic music world steadily and almost unanimously vouches towards the superior sound quality of vinyl. The demand for records [old and new] actually surged within the last decade, inside and inspite the downgraded mass universe of mp3, i-tunes and youtube ! Clearly looked down by many boutique manufacturers at the rising " mechanization of 3 records-a-minute machines with self packing jackets " - The record industry and it's greedy intentions aside, Vinyl and records are here to play. Hopefully forever, in forms yet seen & heard.

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