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Circuit is an independent record label set up by Ashish Sachan a.k.a Hashback Hashish from India. The boutique label is showcasing emerging and fringe artists, mostly from India, those dwelling on the progressive side of electronic music. Previously based out of New Delhi for close to a decade, Ashish has recently relocated south, to Bangalore with new plans and aspirations related to music and life. Since 2009 the moniker Hashback Hashish has steadily built a reputation veering on the darker (and noisier) side of techno and experimental electronica. However as an artist and curator of the label, he remains socially recluse, aesthetically minimal yet consistent on the output. Post 2011, his gradual foray into synthesis lead to the edges of post-techno and ambient music. Somewhat blurring the genres and focussing on quality. Long gone are the south Delhi club-nights that demanded Daft Punk tribute(s) and EDM. The value (and sincerity) of a given artist best reflects in their work and the consistent effort over time, rather than social media numbers, the trophies or hefty fees charged by them. We recently spoke to Ashish about the making of the label, it's formation and his experience in the 'scene'.

Nearly a decade inside electronic music of India - What has been your experience, in brief?
I have been lucky to have met some really talented people in the community. With some, I’ve even had the opportunity to make music as well as work in different professional capacities. In a nutshell, these last 10 odd years have been truly amazing...

Why the need to set up a record label?
I’ve always been into certain record labels, their ethos or curation - to find new music, maybe that’s where the urge to start one of my own came from. Around 2010 till 2015, while going out and meeting people into music, I felt there could be better representation of our music, a more concise space to showcase the music coming from India ... Hence something that was just an urge initially, which started to take shape and become 'something' more tangible and substantial.

When and how did Circuit come about?
Circuit started off in 2015. Ashhar Farooqui aka Toymob  (Ex-Teddy Boy Kill), Ali Wells aka Perc, Rahul Giri aka _RHL of Consolidate, were the primary artists to contribute and show their support. Circuit in its early days was just a handful of artists. Later Synthfarm curator Varun Desai aka 5volts aka VvvvV pitched in, to jazz-up the art and imagery of the label (as Varundo). Friends in the scene and peers have been very encouraging, which helped a lot along the formation of the label. Content, ideas, support and recommendations circulating in an organic way.

About curation, tell us a bit about the artists?
Since the objective is to stay inclusive and unbiased, I've tried to keep the curation as fluid as possible. Each release on the label is a contrast from the last one. The sound is varying from heavy, experimental sound of TDFDTUby Jamblu of Peter Cat Recording Co. to ToyMob (Ex Teddy Boy Kill) which is vocal post-pop glitch. Code driven music by Hemant SK is clearly an unique direction in terms of sound and imagery. Hemant had released a lot of his music on tape which inspired me to support his work. While some contributions are from close friends, others are collaborative dialogues between peers, some based on recommendations, undisclosed remixes and rarities, sometimes even demos by artists. There's a constant flux of information between these artists and their directions via the Circuit label.

What do you make of the current scene in India?
There‘s tons of good electronic music coming out of the country today. Yet there are only a handful of people who are doing 'things' to help the 'scene' grow, foster and develop in a true sense. So if you’re not a very social person like me, you’ll have to do a lot of things on your own. Which resonates with other artists as well. It's taken a while for me to understand that ... In my humble opinion, it is important to believe in (and love) the kind of music you make, and not restrict yourself to particular sounds or ideas. And most importantly, not stress about it all too much. It usually works out with a fair amount of dedication and time.

Future plans and releases set for Circuit? 
There are a number of releases by upcoming producers, mostly from India. Things have moved fast since 2015. Almost four years on and things are moving faster... Circuit is ready on it's 23rd, 24th and 25th release, shortly coming up! I am stoked to announce them real soon... Tune into the 'Circuit' to get a feel of it !?

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