The Wild Blue Yonder

By Audio Pervert - 10/30/2019

The Wild Blue Yonder is I.P Singh's debut album, a striking fresh narrative as a composer, guitarist  and producer. The album's title inspired from the famous Werner Herzog documentary, clearly points to a new and poetic direction, which is manifested in the tunes and selection of sounds. The album is a radical departure from the earlier style and 'role' taken on by I.P during his long stint with the indie-rock band Menwhopause (a trail-blazing act based out of New Delhi at it's height circa 2010). Beyond the decade long continuum of raging rock, ranting anthems and the given debauchery, I.P gradually transgressed to discover ambient, abstract, textural, exotic and even oriental forms. From Metal to Haiku and beyond !? The new album is an outcome of the changes he encountered at a personal and professional level. An introspective departure from the over-heated civilisation, as he describes " It's an anti-thesis to the chaos ... became my 'escape pod' from general madness of the city that i grew up in. The Wild Blue Yonder sets sails and heads out to the yonder and beyond, exploring the soundscapes that i had ringing in my head... Also a solo flight after being with a band for so long. Sometimes one doesn't know an exact destination. The point when it comes to what kind of genre one wants to represent particularly." Recently married, IP has also acquired professional skills in Music Therapy, aiming to pursue new vistas, yet keeping music and sound as his mainstay.

Though composed, sampled and recorded on an electronic platform, the album is deeply coloured by various ethnic instruments, known and unknown. Tunes feature the Irish Bouzouki, Egyptian Oud, Dombra from Kazakhstan, Dranyen from Tibet, Australian Didgeridoo and Yueqin from China. The peculiar treatment of these instruments and their diffusion with electronic sounds and beats creates a moving cinematic narrative. The presence of the guitar remains ubiquitous throughout most of the songs. We feel a sort of 'post world-music' taking shape. The liner notes from the album explains each song via emotive texts written by Malvika Nanda (heading Big-Beat P.R. based in New Delhi). The artist's urge to explain his instincts at play is strong as he states "We are like insects ... just a blip on the timeline of the universe. I wanted to anchor as many natural phases of life and harmony. A distinct bubble inside a chaotic urban humanisation..." The album was mastered by Pheek, an emerging artist and sound engineer based in Montreal Canada.

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