Melody & Felony

By Audio Pervert - 11/30/2019

"But seriously ... If this is what music is? I could write it. As well as you..." John Cage. 1978. 

Melody & Felony is the first album recorded by Audio Pervert in 2005. The name of the album points to the collusion of synthesis and sampling. The six distinct compositions were a flash-in-the-pan, at a time and place where electronic music was just a tiny microcosm, beeping away inside the immensity of New Delhi. Nocturnal, narcotic, nervy and native, the album is made of multiple audio-felonies and naive little melodies. Melody via synthesis and felony via sampling, in a way defined the playing field of the artist for years. The album features the voice of Toy-Mob, back then leading a vanguard band called Envision. 14 years on, as a new aesthetic response to this lost sound, video-artist Hannah 'Done' has created a very far-out montage! The 30-minute film is weaving jump-cut stories, interpreting the sound and beats on an emotional level. The media sampled in the video is not solicited from it's creators. The video is an extension of the 'felony' and a visual translation of the 'melody'. For a while many people asked us "Why the name Audio Pervert?" Just explaining that today in a new way, without confinement. Enjoy!

Melody & Felony contains audio-samples from sources known and unknown. Voices, jazz-solos, drum-solos, dozens of jungle, drum&bass, hip-hop records, spoken words, urban noise, hidden camera interviews, audio ripped from expensive sample libraries and friend's hard-disks [+ a lot of pirated software] No formal permissions were solicited for the use (and abuse) of the sampled sound. The album and video is available under Creative Commons Share Alike Media. As public domain content, for free download/sharing. 


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