ZIGGURAT by Toymob

By Audio Pervert - 9/14/2017


Toymob is a singer, composer, experimental artist and a producer of left-field dark electronica. A decade plus of expansive musical sojourns as a singer and composer has shaped his newest release.  His previous artist monikers have fueled the bodacious Teddy Boy Kill (2010) and earlier fronted the cultish folk-electronica band Envision (circa 2004). Post 2013, his various collaborations with artists such as Passenger Revelator, Kuru Circus and IJA resulted in further diversification of his ideas in words and tunes. Yet Ziggurat is unsettling, is moody and edgy, and not a one time listen. Currently located remote in the mid-ranges of the Himalayas, he has carved out a brash and edgy palette of sounds as a part of his arsenal, as heard on this album. An omnipotent eerie state of mind that occupies the listener. Recently hailed by the art foundation KHOJ in New Delhi. Read Here.  Previously independent, this year Toymob is a part of Circuit, a new label by Hashback Hashish from New Delhi, representing certain key left-field electronica artists based in India. Read about Circuit 

The opening tune titled Body, is a bizarre 'fragment prose' Harking "Why and What and When is the Body" is set on glitchy beats and cranked up synth motifs. The tunes are short, with potent burst of synths, rocky riffs which collide with a whirlpool of voices. Voices detuned, voices filtered, voices as sermons, voices as warnings and voices as cartoons ! Toymob is subsumed in a proto-hip hop dream with dramatic turns, in this album titled Ziggurat.

Why Ziggurat ? it's the ancient temple structure of babylonians and sumerians.
" As a child I had a Sinclair computer. I used to play this game called ZIGGURAT. It came in a cassette. Somewhere it's that childhood memory and feeling I connect with primarily. The other thing that fascinates me about a ziggurat is the simplicity in design and the hierarchical levels before one reaches the altar. To me it symbolizes different levels of our journey in life. It's ancient and simple. Eternal "

Ziggurat is chocker full of voice edits and detuned madness, yet the meaning of the narrative remains hidden in the songs. Your thoughts?
" I am a vocalist. I like to use voice lyrically, in its texture and also rhythmically. Meaning is a funny thing. It's found and can also be created. I like and indulge in art/sound that abstracts our perception and forces us to create meaning. I encourage listeners to find their own meaning or refer to song 5.on the EP "

Name, is our favorite tune. Ramping on a thuddy synth and village atmospheres, It sounds like the lunatic's requiem. What was going on in your head while composing it ? 

" The song revolves around a vocal sample I recorded in wahkhen village, Meghalaya, in the north east of India. They have a tradition of identity songs. Everyone has a song just like we all have names. The sample is an identity song. That's why it's called 'Name'. The crazy asshole refers to me "

Most far-out tune - I'm Sorry
We rather not try to define it...

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