SEED Version 2

By Audio Pervert - 3/25/2023

SEED version 2
Stepping into the "experience and transition". Founded in 2022, SEED is a new direction that combines ecology, music and autonomy, for young artists and innovators from India. Pragmatic, open-source learning and knowledge. Intergenerational and poly-cultural, planting seeds and new ideas, for a "prepared future".

Modular in nature, choose one or all disciplines, the learning curve is based on your curiosity, imagination and capacity. Enrich your future one way or another!

Ecology - Children, teenagers and youth are increasingly aware of the grave risks posed by global warming, climate change and the industrial civilization itself. Yet, they are also the first to face the challenges and opportunities of the near future. Ecology is a form of universal justice. Ready to invest?

Music - That embodies relationships, experiences, communities. Music is the host for commonly shared cultures. As a practice and experience, music contains tremendous social, psychological, emotional and technological value. Beyond the mainstream, we delve into new experiences and roles based on music.

Autonomy - Our capacity to make informed, uncoerced decisions. As individuals and as members of a given society, we strive for greater independence and self-governing systems. Practices, philosophy and technology of autonomous states. Systems thinking and evolution of the self...

Why Ecology, Music and Autonomy? These three disciplines are interconnected. Each discipline impacts our ability to lead better and richer lives. Also as diverse practices and careers. Weaving together as a living system, which is sustainable, rewarding and commonly shared. Sign up and join the growing community at SEED.

The content is generated by a group of scientists, practitioners, artists and professionals, engaged in Ecology, Music and Autonomy. Foundations of open-source learning include multiple sources of assimilation. Peer reviewed information include United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Earth System Governance Project, Stanford Online, Club Of Rome (Canada),​ ​Deep Green Resistance, Jem Bendell (Deep Adaptation), Carbon Brief, Blockchain-Council, Code Opinion, Polis, MIT Music Labs, Music Radar, Ableton Live, ResearchGate, DailyCoin, TechBoomer, The Wire etc. We also compile existing content by experts and innovators engaged in the above three disciplines. Website (About SEED)
© SEED by Applied Sound And Ecology. 2023. New Delhi, India.

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