NANO Modules Valencia

By Audio Pervert - 3/21/2023

Valencia city has a tradition for many things local and indie (punk, electronica, noise, rap, flamenco etc) and novel start-ups, pointing to new ventures, design and products. In 2018, Jorge and Claudia, alumni of Universitat Politècnica de València envisioned NANO, Modular Synthesizers. Initially fostered by Lanzadera (a spanish institution for start-ups), Jorge and Claudia have succeeded in creating a range of modular devices, compatible with the euro-rack model. "As a means to increase people’s comfort and creative potential..." being the underlying ethos of NANO Modules. Curious as the word 'nano' points to all things small (and fine) and in Valenciano a colloquial term of endearment as well!

NANO Modules is the first modular synthesizer maker from Valencia, home grown in size yet aware of the big players in the market (and the given competition). The uniqueness is perhaps best felt in the experience of playing the instruments. The duo insists on remaining boutique size and with good reason. Quality over quantity. "We wish to concentrate on the process, the creativity and innovation... and not so anxious about becoming a big brand.." states Jorge. Top-notch audio quality from the recent demos we have heard! Over the last two years, Nano has developed a range of modular units such as Quad VCA, ADSR, liquid filter, analog oscillator, dual mixer, blank panels and euro-rack cases. Check the complete range here. The duo's collaboration puts Valencia on the global map of modular synthesizers, in a distinct and subtle yet humble manner. Benvinguts a NANO Modules!

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