Social Media Theory - Vanity, Rage And Vanishing Reason

By Audio Pervert - 2/08/2023

The slides above speak of the emerging "draconian nature" of current social-media. Emerging opinions, academic research, revelations by whistleblowers and personal experience, together makes the central argument -
that social media networks, are in essence anti-democratic. The prevailing order is of mediocrity and of severely reduced attention span! An "economy of attention" has replaced the economy of labor. Vanishing reason makes way for rage and vanity (of the lumpen proletariat). Less we ignore the collective impact of social media and online surfing, which adds up as one of the big contributors of CO2 emissions.

Across social media, we witness cult-worship as common practice, new closed societies, extreme or radical groups and lookalike soundalike media. The AI which is wired to amplify (and profit) from our daily experience and behavior, mapping every click, scroll, share, send, suggest, every app and post, to what we should see, hear, buy, know and vote for. Twitter, Facebook, Tik-Tok, Instagram, YouTube etc, all profit from the above tenets and also contribute to the polarization, rising fear, anxiety and politically mandated hate (and love). In it's current form, social media is back to 'high modernism' and now hosts almost the entire 'global proleteriat'. Yet it's combined presence and domination is contrary - a virtually limitless digital autocracy, without oversight - crushing whatever is left of open society.

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