Deep Adaptation by Jem Bendell

By Audio Pervert - 10/01/2020

 This article strives to provide the reader with a positive provocation. Call it an alarm, to reassess work and life as we know it - in the face of what we believe to be an "inevitable near-term societal collapse" due to climate change. Worse is yet to come and many say that it's already too late! In 2017 professor Jem Bendell BA (Hons) PhD published a manifesto, a paper titled 'Deep Adaptation' - addressing the above global predicament. A provocative, yet thoughtful treatise based on science and vast number of scientific journals. Deep Adaptation was an attempt at predicating and reconciling with the truth about our future - about how humanity may 'embrace' the very collapse of life as we have known on earth. Jem Bendell argues informatively, that we are collectively misguided about our ideas of ecology, economics and as the dominant race. Outside mainstream environmentalism and far from the self-serving 'wankery' of climate alarmists, the 35 page essay goes deep into our existence as a society, that is linked to our biggest folly. Denial. Is collapse denial deeply rooted in our psyche and mass culture? Since it's publication, following a lot of discourses and debates, Deep Adaption has influenced thousands of people to reconsider their lives and work in the face of dangerous climate change. The change is individual, tiny but tremendous as some see it. The new updated manifesto reads "A new agenda, community and movement for Deep Adaptation to our predicament has been borne. It is comprised of people who believe that a climate-influenced collapse of societies in most parts of the world in the coming decades is likely, inevitable or already unfolding". Jem Bendell explains further...

Deep Adaption in a nutshell?
"First, I briefly explain the paucity of research in management studies that considers or starts from societal collapse due to environmental catastrophe and give acknowledgement to the existing work in this field that many readers may consider relevant. I am new to the topic of societal collapse and wish to define it as an uneven ending of our normal modes of sustenance, shelter, security, pleasure, identity and meaning. Second, I summarise what I consider to be the most important climate science of the last few years and how it is leading more people to conclude that we face disruptive changes in the near-term. Third, I explain how that perspective is marginalised within the professional environmental sector – and so invite you to consider the value of leaving mainstream views behind. Fourth, I outline the ways that people on relevant social networks are framing our situation as one of facing collapse, catastrophe or extinction and how these views trigger different emotions and ideas. Fifth, I outline a “Deep Adaptation Agenda” to help guide discussions on what we might do once we recognise climate change is going to be a long unfolding tragedy..."

About Near Term Collapse?
As Jem Bendell explains in a precise way, what most likely may unfold in the next ten years as :"A conclusion there will be a near-term collapse in society with serious ramifications for the lives of readers. The paper does not prove the inevitability of such collapse, which would involve further discussion of social, economic, political and cultural factors, but it proves that such a topic is of urgent importance. The paper reviews some of the reasons why collapse-denial may exist, in particular, in the professions of sustainability research and practice, therefore leading to these arguments having been absent from these fields until now..." The paper by no means is written from an Alarmist or Doomer mindset, both of which serve little use to those who seek real change, to be able to reccaliberate and adapt. As Jem Bendell explains in the introduction of the essay " The paper offers a new meta-framing of the implications for research, organisational practice, personal development and public policy, called the Deep Adaptation Agenda. Its key aspects of resilience, relinquishment, restoration and reconciliation are explained..."

The Inferno And The Big Ship of Fools? 
Since records began about a hundred plus years ago, 17 of the 18 'hottest years have occurred since 2000'. The Arctic and Antarctic ice is melting at twice the rate from what was predicted earlier. There is no more denial of global warming, but amongst some idiotic despots like Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, Narendra Modi and more enemies of humanity and the living planet! It's high time we reject the most popular mantras of sustainable economic development and infinite growth. The 'Green New Deal' is just another 'pill' fabricated by mega powerful cabal (1%) for the sum total of humanity(99%). Business as usual is leading the living planet into mass extinction. Electric cars or Biomass, solar-power or wind-energy, the extraction industry and dominant culture is still killing the ecosystem as is. We are compelled to understand that  climate change affects everyone - regardless of race, intellect, religious beliefs, class or affluence. That there's no science available yet to control the awry forces of nature. As Jem Bendell concludes Deep Adaptation with a solemn but dire predicament. "Recent research suggests that human societies will experience disruptions to their basic functioning within less than ten years due to climate stress. Such disruptions include increased levels of malnutrition, starvation, disease, civil conflict and war – and will not avoid affluent nations. This situation makes redundant the reformist approach to sustainable development and related fields of corporate sustainability that has underpinned the approach of many professionals. Instead, a new approach which explores how to reduce harm and not make matters worse is important to develop. In support of that challenging, and ultimately personal process, understanding a deep adaptation agenda may be useful..." - 

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