Empowerment of Women in Electronic Music : Part One

In May we published a short interview with Fembot5, an anonymous writer based in India focussing on women's empowerment in music, context India. The writer's 3-part series [Fembot5] is a detailed introduction into gender bias and specifically into music and the industry. Fembot5 is raising awareness, presenting wide range of opinions and at times busting myths about the complex and global issue.  In cohorts with such efforts, the curators at Synthfarm India have initiated a program for empowerment of women in electronic music. Accepting the basic tenets of empowerment can be difficult, as not many music industry professionals (men or women) are willing to accept nor understand. The subject remains mired in populism and limited to divas cherry-picking other divas. "In order to combat gender-bias in a positive and democratic way, women artists regardless of their economic and language background have to consolidate their space and existence first" states Fembot5, when asked why empowerment remains mostly futile in India. Synthfarm has initiated a program to increase inclusivity and foster female talent in the field of electronic music. An open invitation to female producers, musicians, DJs and related artists to attend the 3 day annual residency. Short-listed winners will receive a complete scholarship including travel, fee and stay. Read Offer Here.

The residency press note states " As a non-profit entity, the fee and cost of education aims to enable ‘maximum possible ’inclusivity and openness’ : Hence the need for external funding [Private or Institutional] is vital to ensure the long-term sustenance of the residency. We urge institutions, development organizations, brands and patrons to consider the funding offer available here : "

Synthfarm has just released it's first native sound-library titled Sound-Farm, as open-source media. Volume One of Sound-Farm includes micro, short and long samples plus certain hybrid combined sounds, modular noise, FM-drums and ambient passages. Free Download Here. Next Synthfarm 2019 dates will be announced shortly in August. Stay Tuned !

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