Fembot5 is an anonymous writer, activist and musician based in India. The writer's recent publication titled 'Empowerment of Women in Music' is a compelling narrative about the inequality and gender bias that exists inside the music industry in India. Introducing a brief outline of international feminist solidarity movements, the focus of the blog is mainly on India : The article throws much needed light on the extent and nature of the inequality that exists between men and women of Indian music, be it mainstream pop or underground niche. The writer comparing on-going feminist movements in the west, states "the vast body of work undertaken by women’s networks has credibly helped change the way we think about society and gender" - yet those very changes are yet to effect the massive numbers of women in India  and their native talent, potential and representation. The article explains the basis of gender bias and stereotyping, that lay deeply internalized within the fabric of Indian society, which perpetuates the inequality generations on. Willy nilly institutions, media, elite glamor based systems and most music industry professionals add to the inequality as well.

Art by Fembot5

The article written over 2017, which encapsulates various points through an exhaustive data-hunt and 30 odd interviews, is an on-going research of sorts - Over email, we were informed that "the research became tediously long and complex which would be not be favorable for cohesive presentation nor creating awareness". Part of the feature exposes various disturbing facts via numbers. Fembot5 states "During 2015/16/17 less than 35 women artists were featured in the ten most popular music festivals in India, where approximately 220 bands and DJs performed... " Data from corporate and institutionally funded music festivals, websites and related fields in India begins to reveal even big gender bias as well as the existence of socially entrenched stereotypes. The author expresses concern about the pitiable lack of support groups and infrastructure for women artists in India. Women's representation remains an issue much-less discussed in India, even worse occasionally glossed over by the 'industry-approved' glam dolls ! Empowerment of Women in Music : is a multifarious issue, be it in developed nations like Germany and France or emergent nations like India and China : despite the recent populism and trends, very little awareness as well as inclusivity exists in most cases and regions.

Fembot5, an anonymous entity, inside an undeniably male dominated sphere, very critical of the 'merit based system' is attempting to address very pertinent questions reinforced with facts and evidence. As well as question and point to a much wider potential for change. The power of ideas !

Part One 
Part Two 

Art by Priyanka Paul

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