Harsh Noise Movement

By Audio Pervert - 6/01/2017

Based in the UK, Harsh Noise Movement is a label, sound collective & big representation of alternative, left-field, politically vibrant sound & music. Label owner explains " I had been producing numerous 'bad quality cassettes' featuring experimental loops and noises as early as 1984, only for personal enjoyment " Yet three decades on, the effort had grown into a catalogue, a distinct label and worldwide representation, known as HNM Records. Gradually via youtube, bandcamp and other social media websites, HNM has gathered thousands of fans and many like-minded previously unconnected artists. 

If you love dark, noisy, ambient and droney states of music or even cloistered electronic sounds to abuse and scream at, head to Harsh Noise. Distortion, digital trash, noise, feedback, prolonged ambience, chaos, manic modulation as methods to compose seems to be at the heart of the label's philosophy. Left-field rap to warped synthesis to manic industrial chaos & blistering feedback sessions can be heard on the label's archive. Though the tunes are priced rather expensive yet fact is such music and artists find little scope to display their works and passion : in a world bludgeoned by hype and mediocrity. Also it is very encouraging to see such a wide spectrum of artist persona from nations like Iran, Japan, US, UK, Australia, Indonesia, China, France, Belgium and Scandinavia. Harsh Noise is an empowering label for artists outside the given commercial norms as well as the safety of bourgeois approved music. Explicitly dedicated to what is not considered normal in music & sound.

Some of titles we heard today - Noise Javascript, She Flayed Your Face To Mask His Cheeks From Daylight, It's Time To Talk About Odor Baby, I Will F**K Your Soul, The Guilt From Being Human Is Only Transitory, Never Say Why, Dragged Through Crawling Pipework, Whore, Worldwide Submission, How Does Housing & Society Work?

Death On Life Support: HNM Compilation

Label Showcase 2016

Vaginal Pentagram, Hell Ron Hubbard, Odor Baby, Pussy Proudon, Peter Hesselton, Astoria Sound, Merzbow and Failures to name a few of the rapacious sound artists that make this compilation, a must buy for drone, noise, avant-garde and ill ambience fans!

The bandcamp page of Harsh Noise is chocker-block with over 80 albums & artists from allover the world representing several noise artist groups.
Complete discography

Media. https://twitter.com/NoiseMuzik

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