By Audio Pervert - 6/01/2017

De_compose is a new album by Audio Pervert. A process to extend the virtues of techno into prototype forms of dance music. Having become a bit tired and jaded with the current hiatus within the dance 'muzak' empire, the ruling mediocrity of EDM : the album points at the possibility to push boundaries vertically, inside a mass horizontal industry. Five compositions constructed with various analog synthesizers and drum computers form the colors of expression. Dance is at the heart of the pulse and not the kick ! That sound, in it's basic form, strikes an idea behind the idea. That which Perpetuates. What happens to the song remains a mystery. Two video animations in tandem with the album are currently being shot in Valencia, Spain. 
Release date #July 24th. 2017

Track List.
1. Decompose
2. Mad World (Tears for Fears Remix)
3. Rise (Herb Alpert Remix)
4. Valencia
5. No Repites
Run-time 39:39

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