Ambient to disconnect

By Audio Pervert - 11/30/2022


A playlist to disconnect from routine based activity. Sound as a medium - a passage over time - to travel inwards, with your ears, mind and body (not just eyes). Disconnect from structures in order to connect with the androgynous (no words), amorphous (temporal) and ambient? Close your eyes if be, and begin an imaginary journey. Where and how far do you wander? Perhaps you can go way further...

1. Takashi Kokubo (小久保隆)
2. Hiroshi Yoshimura 'Green' MV2
3. Tomoyuki Asakawa Bioçic - Aqua バイオシッ
4. Max Richter Passage Piano Edit MV3
5. Elaine Radigue 'Occam Ocean'
6. William Basinsky - Disintergration Loops + Water Music II
7. Aphex Twin 'Stone in Focus' Original Ver
8. Hang Drum by Vibhas Rahul + Live Sampling
duration - 42 minutes

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