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By Audio Pervert - 12/18/2022

Earlier this year, FEMWAV launched a new program, based on distributed mentorship, called Organic Support Program (OSP). The objective is to provide one-to-one mentorship which is free of cost. OSP is for emerging female and queer musicians (based in India) who need help (skills) that directly impact music production and more importantly the "ability to navigate the music industry". Given that music education and training in India is clearly expensive, always centered inside big cities - OSP is an intervention to such limitations of finance and distance. With OSP, FEMWAV is offering a way for "education without economic constrains". We asked FEMWAV a few questions about OSP and the need for this new type of mentorship?

What is OSP?
A network of music professionals are contributing 10 hours each over 6 months – to empower a new artist (you!). Hands-on knowledge, skills and insights. Building blocks necessary for a stable dynamic career. Individually 10 hours is less than 1% of our annual working time. Yet when we add up and value, it’s simply powerful and pragmatic know-how!  Check the diagram below to figure the timeline and growth...

Why? Remember when you were a newbie, looking around for help,for guidance and gigs? How to? Where to? Just like that, today’s emerging female and NB talent merits the guidance, solidarity and love. FEMWAV is addressing the problem with a new ‘organic’ solution! Education independent of economics. Existing academies and music schools in India do not encourage nor allow free exchange of knowledge and skills. Our research shows that a majority of the courses offered in these schools, are insufficient and sometimes misleading - especially for new artists with limited resources (money). Music schools and academies in India as a culture, do not teach students how to 'navigate' the industry. The missing component, to make an artist independent and not just professional.

For Who? In India, thousands and thousands of women (at least) have no access to professional guidance, production skills, PR, mentorship and funding – all of which are needed to manifest a successful career in music. Institutions, schools and ‘big artists’ do not address this principle point of inequality. Hence to create an intervention, we opted for a new strategy. As any experiment, we are starting the program at a small scale, to observe the primary impact. The idea is to amplify organically, when more and more mentees can participant at the same time! Check the 8 modules (worth 10 hours each) that we are offering.

Calling it organic kinship?

A good mentorship program should create new kinship on both sides (the mentor and the mentee). This connection (and motivation) should be free of economic exchange. The deal is simple.
OSP modules (worth 10 hours each) are conducted over a 6 month interim period. ‘Distributed Mentorship’ works online and in-person. Each module adds new skills, knowledge and insight for the aspiring talent. OSP is based on one mentor and one mentee exchange model. Both agree to enter a mentoring relationship to help the mentee develop, improve and achieve her goal. OSP is self-regulatory. Which means that FEMWAV will not be monitoring every stage. We trust both sides to excel! Check the basic guidelines created to maximize your participation, ensure growth and safety.

OSP Introduction and details
Program is active now!

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