Papercraft Synthesizers by Dan McPharlin

By Audio Pervert - 8/25/2022

Designer and illustrator Dan McPharlin‘s Analogue Miniatures are simply a marvel of papercraft. Synthesizers of past eras made of paper, framing mat-board, string, rubber bands, glue and cardboard. The Australian artist's initial models were rapidly appropriated at art shows to editorial spreads in Esquire, Wired etc. McPharlin is well known within sci-fi communities for his illustrations that have appeared on album covers, websites, concert flyers, merchandise and all such. Dan says "none of the objects are meant as exact replicas or recreations of the original devices but are instead speculative objects that draw aesthetic attributes from the audio technology of the 70s and 80s".

These miniature synths are part of a "revisionist history where analogue technology continues to flourish in the digital world..." states Dan. The full set can be viewed here. "Most of my work is client-based so I have to be mindful of the brief... fortunately I’m often given license to let my imagination run wild... explore some pretty ‘out-there’ ideas" . These captivating delicate replica synthesizers do inspire, making us wonder... What if real synthesizers in the future could be made of organic and bio-friendly raw materials? Leaving behind the toxic manufacturing process (and non-renewable metals) of the current synthesizer industry. Perhaps one day...


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