Girls and Gigs!

By Audio Pervert - 7/11/2022

Harassment and violence against women in India is like a forever epidemic! The macho aggression also spills over in nightclubs, music venues, festivals and concerts very often. Up until a few years back, the victims remained a mute (ashamed) suppressed lot, and the abusers continued with impunity. Thousands of them! Yet that 'ugly specter' is changing. It's clearly a 'no-brainer' that organizers, venue owners, artists and the audience should be addressing the appalling culture of violence and shame. Pledge and enact policies which guarantee safer spaces and better experiences. Of hundreds of clubs, discotheques, open-air concerts and music festivals across India, there needs change. Why certain established women in the music industry ignore (or worse deny) the need for intervention is clearly regressive. Why the majority within the Indian music scene don't address violence against women, is also not worth speculating or waiting around!

Girls and Gigs, G.A.N.G in short, is radical intervention and implementation with a 360-degree approach. FEMWAV is calling out to artists, organizers, venue owners and the audience. Why? In order to create safe and equitable spaces for women within the music scene. Vetted by female and non-binary artists, lawyers and mentors based in India, a planned and inclusive intervention like GANG, for the least, begins to collectivize women in new ways. It is about reclaiming space, safety and dignity. Prudent ways to combat and prevent violence against women plus legal (rightful) actions one can take to stop future incidents. The "duty of care" shared commonly between organizers, artist, audience and the venues. Then it hardly matters, if you or I are part of the audience or the artist or the organizer, in terms of addressing the need for safety and equality (for all). First of it's kind in India, G.A.N.G as an intervention clearly merits further participation and adoption. Heart warming to even imagine nightclubs, venues and festivals in India where women are not going to be attacked or harassed! If you love music and are based in India, it's time to get pro-active and conscious. Lets pledge to build safe and equal spaces for women and a better music scene! 
G.A.N.G is open-source: a public access charter. For further information or to volunteer please visit FEMWAV.COM. "We extend further support to implement this safety charter, for venues, artists, organizers and individuals. Get in touch with us and our local representative will assist you to set up and implement G.A.N.G, within your ecosystem and establishment" FEMWAV Team

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