India and Norway - A New Dialogue

By Audio Pervert - 1/01/2020

Last time we featured emerging electronic music from Norwayit lead us deeper into the scene, listening to new norwegian artists, producers and curators. The Norwegian scene is brimming with action and intersecting waves. For a small country of 8 million people, who live 'way up there' the emerging Norwegian artists are also mirroring the growth of electronic music worldwide. Similar but very different, as we see in India with a visible surge in electronic music culture, however microscopic inside a giant populous of 1.3 billion. Yet both the nations are unconnected in terms of contemporary youth culture and institutions, given the distance, being located at antipodes of the earth. This ongoing interaction soon turned into an idea, an opportunity unforeseen and potent. We are talking about connecting the electronic music scenes between Norway and India. A new 'north-south dialogue' outside the institutional norms. A 'first interaction' between the electronic music 'scenes' of Norway and India. We began inviting producers, composers, experimental artists and DJs from Norway and India to participate. The initial response has been stupendous! Innovative ways to step over institutional, cultural and geographic barriers and distances. A new peer-to-peer alternative. The first Indo-Norwegian electronic music compilation, in 2020.

The idea was initiated and formalised by Endre Dalen (Oslo) and Audio Pervert (Valencia) earlier this year, giving rise to a framework based on crossing over boundaries and limitations. Endre Dalen is an editor and writer based in Oslo, Norway. He is  engaged in the Samora Forum, an institution and magazine highlighting cultural diversity. For almost a decade, he has served multiple roles, as graphic designer, adviser, writer and editor for the Mela Festival. This annual festival in Oslo is one of the most ethnically diverse festivals, of contemporary music in Europe. "Having met Audio Pervert at Mela 2018, we discovered many mutually interesting areas in contemporary electronic music, youth-culture and the fact that Norway and India are yet to be connected in the above fields. Hence the prospect and need to do something about it..." states Endre, who is curious and eager to know more about India and the burgeoning electronic music scene within. "As a producer, curator and DJ, I feel that this new initiative will benefit many artists from both nations, and consequently create new dialogues, opportunities and interactions between India and Norway" states Audio Pervert.

Given that India and Norway are very different in terms of population, economic status, size and culture. Yet that very contrast offers new scope and possibility. To connect artists, cultures, skills and markets. This would only be possible because of the internet, and the sharing of information and resources previously unconnected and untapped. The link is being created outside institutional norms, control and curation. The idea, content and agenda is being set by the curators and artists alike in both countries. Electronic music, a global idiom, as a common language, which creates new connections and the need to reach out to new audiences and markets. Compilations, concerts, tours, artist exchanges and collaborations form the core activities, panning out during 2020 and 2021. Stay tuned and we will be putting out more information, opportunities, interviews and a lot of new music soon. Check the new website for more details.

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