By Audio Pervert - 8/30/2019

'Extinction' is the 7th independent album by Audio Pervert. The album [duration 34:10] is dedicated to Climate Justice and the 6th Mass Extinction. The sound is a reactionary outcome to the on-going sacrifice of the ecosystem and the planet for the continuation of industrial civilisation (human progress). An audio-narrative, call it Post-Techno, using minimal resources made of analog instruments, field recordings and virtual processing. Splitting the attention between tone, modulation, rhythm and space. Voice samples of Greta Thundberg (Climate Activist) and Ilhan Omar (First Black Muslim Congresswoman in America) inject the truth, albeit from the outer margins of society. 'Extinction' is composed and recorded in Cullera, a sea-side town in Comunidad Valencia, Spain. Proceeds from the sale of this album will be directed to Climate Justice and Environment Activism. As Greta Thunberg stated, outright "I am not scared of being honest or unpopular. After all, you were never mature enough, to tell it like it is... "

"Consistently put out mature, far-reaching material... Audio Pervert's new album, perhaps none more politically-driven than Extinction..." ahummingheart.com

"Omincide, Gently twisted...We like it!" DJ MAG UK

"A beautiful album with airy electronic sounds that sound deceptively cheerful, which hopefully makes us think... " Holland Music Radar 'Subjectivisten'

"We are swept upwards and along with Extinction, in a way that seems almost uncontrollable, again mirroring the end of life as we know it... " The Waveform Transmitter

"Rippling arpeggiated sequences, thumping 4/4 kicks and wavering pitch-bent analogue synths that’s a more than fitting atmospheric closer... Polished and refined without ever being too smooth, ‘Extinction’ is worth investigation" Cyclicdefrost.com

"The sound of 'Extinction' is playing on the energy of light versus dark, grooving and floating at the same time. One of the emerging narratives in post-techno, that too from a tiny corner of Spain...Tailored Berlin

Released on HEM Records Italy and EPM (UK), the album is being distributed via independent as well as leading dance-music portals, through July, August till October. Veteran electronic music curator, label owner and producer Alexander Robotnick has shown immense support as well as attention towards the distribution of this record, and the sound. EPM UK has supported the album further with flaming reviews across small and large music review portals.

In case you can't buy the album - Download Here !

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