By Audio Pervert - 10/15/2019

Since 2017, Fembot5 has been consistently publishing research, data, narratives, info-graphs, stories and dialogue, all pertaining to empowerment of female talent in music. Focus being India. The Fembot5 initiative started with an anonymous writer and activist putting out the primary manifesto to combat gender inequality via research, advocacy and action. Two years in the making, the initiative has grown rapidly with the generous help and contribution from more than 40 professionals, artists, musicians, DJs, designers and even academics and activists across the world. The daunting challenge of bringing empowerment models and resources to millions of aspiring female talent in India - in a democratic and sustainable way, instead of the institutional populism which is mostly cloistered in nepotism, cherry-picking and brand sponsored agendas. Upper class cultural justice is token and branded. At best, as of now, a bunch of well-to-do women clinging unto their careers and privileges. The on-going exchange between mentors, experts, writers and activists, has decided on a key-change, that was needed to bring this initiative to manifest itself in reality, in India. Change being the keyword in this context. Introducing FEMWAV!

Fembot5 has transformed into FEMWAV. The new name mirrors the rise of feminist activism becoming a globally visible movement. FEMWAV is synchronous to the rise in conscious feminist actions which are taking place in many forms allover the world, to question, combat and dismantle gender bias and inequality. WAV being a standard attribute in audio-technology. A new website, social media outposts and formation of the core team marks the official launch of FEMWAV.

Uvika Wahi, heading the FEMWAV editorial and content states "FEMWAV gives me the opportunity to live out my personal goal of practising feminism through an inclusive lens - in a broader capacity. In writing, collaborating, and deliberating over ideas for FEMWAV, I am only doing what needs to be done. The idea is to steer clear of bathos and forge a standout community for trans women, cis women, and non-binary people and cultivate a terrain where they are not afterthoughts or tokens or mere witnesses". In its new form FEMWAV will expand in manifold ways - Elevating the conversation about gender inequality and bias in music. As a host of 'foothold' actions in India, FEMWAV is focussing on electronic music and arts. Expect a range of tangible opportunities, boosting public participation and creation of independent spaces for female talent (2019-2020)

"I was in India recently, and having met many female artists (amateur and or professionals) engaged in the question of empowerment, representation and independent music - It has become quiet clear that most institutions, festivals, media outlets, nepotistic tastemakers, privileged 'industry' men and women do not really care. Nor understand the need for empowerment, for cultural and social justice. Consequently failing to cause any real change. The utmost need is empowerment which is democratic, tangible and pertinent" states Audio Pervert, now a part of the FEMWAV team. The Audio Pervert blog remains committed to the Inclusion Rider, launched by Fembot5 earlier in 2018 - providing equal space to both genders in terms music and content. Stay tuned for more updates,  and participative opportunities to be launched by FEMWAV in 2019 and 2020...

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