Bombay Black - 20 years on!

By Audio Pervert - 6/26/2019

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Bombay Black. Celebrating the occasion, Bombay Black presents a remastered version of Volume Two, as a streaming video-playlist. The sound, the music and the 'mutant' legacy has come a long way, given it's inexplicable roots and somewhat accidental formation. You can read about the origins of Bombay Black here.  Bombay Black Two was a 'meeting point' of 24 musicians collaborating over 14 songs. Proto-genres in formation. A zesty follow-up to Volume One, the 2nd compilation was a colourful outpour made of proto-electronica, post-jazz, post-rock, D&B, jungle and forms without genre. The electronic music sorority in India is almost clueless about such movements and precursors, which took place more than a decade and half earlier (the internet had just about become accessible). Though the collective resilience of Bombay Black did not sustain beyond 2003, the music and sound travelled far and wide, and in ways unimagined...

The original instigators would not regroup to make music for 15 odd years. In early 2016 Bombay Black returned with a new album and a dozen plus remixes  titled 'Snow White & The Seven Bungalows'. Perhaps an homage to suburban coke-lines! In retrospect, the first two compilations remain seminal, made of  raw aspirations, depicting a certain manic synergy. "It sounds fearless, also sounds like no particular genre..." recalls Paresh Kamath, one of the founding members of the collective. Volume One and Two of Bombay Black is considered by some as a cornerstone of indie music in India, given both the compilations were released independently - consequently shared via hundreds of portals and anonymous outlets during the last two decades. Even local restaurants and clubs in Bombay plagiarised the name and it's various avatars.  The map below depicts the various locales where the formation and music of Bombay Black took place during 1999-2002. The surviving CD is Album One, released in September 2000. So what new music from Bombay Black? Surely it's in the making... a matter of time.


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