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By Audio Pervert - 5/03/2019

Formal education and resources to study music management in a professional manner are few and rare in India. Though the music industry in India, be it the mainstream or indie or even underground is huge (given the 1.3 billion population), the number of professionally trained or certified folks working in the field is much less than expected. A vast majority of music business entrepreneurs, agents, bookers and managers in India are from a Do-it-Yourself ethos, an in-the-making-of culture -learning the ropes and gaining experience in ways ad-hoc inside an intensely competitive market. However there is a sizeable growing demographic and a demand for trained professionals to handle the various needs of an organised or even semi-organised industry in India. Of the few professionally trained and experienced people (often referred as "veterans") within the music industry of India, Ritnika Nayan has taken on the lead to educate, impart practical knowledge and share her industry experience. Mid 2017, Ritnika published Indie 101, a nifty guide into the world of career building for young musicians and the various facets of music business containing the many career options within. A folio of steps, information and advice for newbie musicians and bands who would become the artists of the future. This year, she is back with a brand new venture, titled 'Music Business Management Certificate' hosted at the SACAC (Shri Aurobindo Center For Arts And Communication) located in New Delhi. With a weekend only schedule (making it more accessible for young people) the course includes several modules which introduce, explain and train the attendees about the various branches of the music industry. The website offers a neat introduction and goes unto explain the various modules, terms and conditions of the courseware.

The structure and courseware was created by Ritnika, who has a decade-plus industry experience in India, fulfilling multiple avatars and roles over time. She heads the artist management agency Music Gets Me High set up in 2006. She has been responsible for managing bands, DJs, punks, rockers, pop artists - run stage logistics at various festivals - programming local clubs and gigs - collaborating on seminal projects documenting indie and electronic music. So what makes her venture into management and training ? "The book Indie 101 was the primary step, this weekend course is the second step. For me, it's important that artists and everyone working on this field in India understand how the business works. Formal education, practical knowledge and industry experienced faculty is what is we are bringing together. This will help us grow as an industry and as individuals too. I had approached SACAC to setup a formal music business course earlier last year. We decided to do a few free workshops to see how it would work out. Soon the school felt they were ready to facilitate this venture full time" Male Female turnout ratio? "We have 3 girls in the class out of 20 students. In process of reaching out to a larger female demographic for sure." Give us a general round-up of the courses being offered? "Includes a lot... Music Industry Today - Artist Management & Booking - Record Labels & Digital Distribution - Intellectual Property & Business Affairs - Music Publishing - PR & Marketing - Live: Concerts, Festivals & Touring - Final Project plus there's a nice little internship in the end!"

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