Mixtape and Nowadays - Around The World

By Audio Pervert - 6/03/2019

A colourful new Indo-French electronica compilation titled Around The World is the result of a collaboration between Mixtape from Mumbai and Nowadays Records from France. The 11 song compilation features 13 Indian artists, emerging from the current zeitgeist of electronic music in India. Around The World, is a mix-bag of groovy, moody, synth-heavy tunes, with sparse and maudlin voices, invoking a post-nightclub after-hours state of mind. The order of the tunes cascading between artists who are mostly based in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi. This first-of-it's-kind venture between the two agencies based in India and France, is an attempt to showcase Indian electronic music to a wider, alternative audience - especially injecting the sound of the compilation into the European region. Something seldom attempted outside institutional funding and limits. India and France, two nations connected in myriad ways via cultural, institutional and economic ties, still has a long way to go in terms of creating dynamic exchange, and space for emerging music and artists. Around The World skilfully points at the scope of exchange and untapped markets, as well as present a colourful diverse bunch of tunes, from emerging and not-so-known Indian talent. The compilation, dominantly made of male artists and content, albeit contains a diverse and forthcoming appeal. We recently spoke to Sainath Bhagwat about the compilation and the various facets of the project...

How did the compilation come about?
We (Mixtape) had booked La Fine Equipe for their debut India tour in 2017 as a part of the Bonjour India Festival. While on tour, Chomksy who is part of La Fine Equipe and also the co-founder at Nowadays Records was deep into exploring the whole artist community in the country. Once the tour ended, the guys had a few days off and over dinner we were figuring how we could possibly get homegrown artists to put music out through Nowadays Records as the potential was already there. The label already has an ongoing compilation series about focussing on electronic music communities from around the world and that's how it all fell in place.

The role of Nowadays Records and of Mixtape?
For the compilation, Nowadays Records plays the role of a label and Mixtape has curated it.

The compilation sounds contemporary and with most tunes representing various popular electronic music styles. How was it curated?
We started by compiling all the artists who already fit into the label's existing sound. Then it was all about how can we show, in the best way possible; the variation of styles/genres from the country that fits the length of an album.

As the PR note says "More Indian music in France and French music in India" How does that work out? 
Along with the label, we are working towards developing markets in our native countries for artist communities from our own as well as each other's country. It's about increasing conversations and opportunities for Indo-French culture exchange.

What's the general objective behind the compilation?
French and European audiences get a chance to listen to contemporary music from another part of the world that breaks the stereotypes. It is also about shedding light on the artists themselves so they break further outside India. 

What do the artists have to say about Around The World?
"We’re grateful to be on this compilation alongside some of our great friends and peers and especially humbled to be representing part of the Indian independent music landscape on this international platform. Much love to Nowadays Records and the other artists part of this varied collection of tunes." - Paraphoniks.

"This is a fabulous curation of music by Mixtape and Nowadays Records. The compilation showcases Indian artists with a diverse set of sounds. They really paid attention to the different styles and sub-genres existing within the Indian electronic music scene, I'm really excited about the release" - MALFNKTN.

Speaking about the Indo-French collaboration - Ugo De Angelis from Nowadays Record says, “We have so much in common with Mixtape in terms of a shared vision about new electronic scene. Our idea for Around The World compilations is to have a listen on the new scenes and that which needs more attention - and Mixtape is the perfect connection for us"

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