Twisted Kala

By Audio Pervert - 2/07/2019

Twisted Kala is Karine Petiau, a french artist living in the hinterland of Catalunya, Igualada. She is a psychedelic artist, a modular synthesizer performer and DJ with transcending connections to many things spiritual and magical. Welcome to the twisted sonic world of Kala. Her journey of music has taken various forms in distant places over the last 25 odd years - concurrent with the psychedelic tribes that gather, rejoice and dissipate allover the world. As a child she was trained in classical piano, yet the quest for new experiences and new places has took her far from home. As a DJ, live-artist, synth-maker and educator, Karine has traversed various roles in her career. Her deepest spiritual connections formed in India and Nepal, during the last ten odd years. Consequently her music opened doors to Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Sri Lanka, Greece, Turkey, Austria, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico and Lebanon. Her recent releases are clearly inspired by a curious mix of the Indian landscape, self-atoned spirituality and 'techno-magic'. The intensity of her narrative is best heard on her music and live performances.

Her current repertoire as a DJ is a frenetic high-BPM rampage juxtaposed with dense chromatic sounds and out-worldly voices. An intense experience to say the least, Twisted Kala often leans into the darker and velocity driven side of 'Psy' in her DJ sets, thronged by the newer generation of ravers and psychedelic folks. During the last five years she stepped into modular synthesis and DIY territory, gradually moving away from the digital realm. Her production methods often criss-cross between modular, digital and analog systems. Karine's close association with Befaco Modular based in Barcelona paved her way towards new sound territory. " I realised a whole new universe with modular synthesizers and gradually started building my own little circuits, moving unto CV controlled euro-racks". Befaco has been a key institution in recent years in the global modular synthesizer community. Responsible for connecting artists and developers not only from Spain and Barcelona, but other parts of EU, Japan, China and North America - consequently creating a growing community since 2014. Check out the Befaco range of modular synthesizers, effects and DIY analog devices.

Karin lives in the serene valley outside the town of Igualada with two dogs, working from a tiny mobile studio snuck inside the foothills of the Pyrenees in Catalunya. Her daily life is filled with nature, long walks to waterfalls and a simplified lifestyle which reflects her spiritual and empathic feelings towards the "world outside and inside". "As a child I had out-of-body experiences which no-one believed, but eventually i found the magic and spiritual energy to look beyond the material and immaterial." Looking back on her career she states "A lot has changed in my life yet somehow music, nature and magic are things which i live and get strength from. I find these surroundings inspiring and i am a part of the earth's divinity" Karin feels "As Twisted Kala I am always looking for the new wave, new energy, new ways to get even more furious and manic sounds. As an artist I have immense faith in our connection to nature and all things living and non-living. We are all a part of the big infinite. It's a magical day everyday"

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