Synthfarmers - Volume One

By Audio Pervert - 1/29/2019

Inspired by the open-source sound library Sound-Farm (released in 2018 by Synthfarm), a group of producers and DJs from India have created a stunning EP of techno and house tracks. The initiative was conceived and lead by Arnold From Mumbai (AFM), a producer and DJ who has spent the last decade in various roles (artist, organiser, promoter, remix agent). His DJ repertoire is diverse, moving dance-floor audiences in the underground realm as well as the commercial club circuit. AFM along-with Monkey & Def, Modrac and Sonic Jay present a four-track compilation, cheekily titled 'Synth-farmers'. Produced by AFM and Audio Pervert, the first volume is available for streaming and downloads exclusively on We recently spoke to Arnold about his perspective on the Indian electronic music scene and his collaboration with Synthfarm.

What was the basic idea behind Synth-Farmers?
I was inspired by the sounds created by artists at the Synthfarm residency. It is a great effort we can hear and see on the open-source library - Sound-Farm. These free sounds are a great point of inspiration (like a tool) for music producers and I had to make a track, dedicated to celebrate the same. I started approaching several artists with the idea to use these sounds to build tracks, and it started building up steadily.

How did you go about it?
Initially I approached various artists in India, and gradually some producers started to join the action. The one's who materialised the compilation are Joba aka 'MODRAC', Jay Naidu aka 'Sonic Jay', Rahul and Darshan aka 'Monkey & Def' & our very own SamratB aka 'Audio Pervert'. It was a fun experience I must say as these artists showed enthusiasm from the start & that's what good music is about. I am sure the next Synth-farmers compilation will showcase even more artists from India.

Tell us more about these new names and emerging producers?
Modrac - If there's any one who can slam raw industrial techno in India, it's him. I've had a blast bouncing to his sets at GO:Madras Music festival. A very sombre personality and that confident smile he carries. Having launched MODRAC Records, Joba is aiming for international audiences with his upcoming music. Sonic Jay- Jay has consistently driven his scene on progressive and tech-house for a while now. A gentle soul that can transform a boring dance-floor scene to groovy chaos and even euphoria. His remixes have been released on Digital Structures, Soupherb Records and Techgnosis. Monkey & Def - A duo from Jaipur who are riding under the techno banner in India. Their zealous energy to mix underground tunes, beats and sounds have eventually lead them to write their own music. Released on Shinocs Music and Soupherb Records. I had a great time recently performing with them in Jaipur and Goa!

As a producer, DJ and propagator of electronic music, what do you feel about Indian electronic music of today?
The 'music sense' and quality of Indian electronica is rapidly developing. It's difficult to pin-point where it's at yet the future looks bright, poised for something bigger, as more artists and DJs feel the need to push quality over quantity. I feel Synthfarm is a great initiative to build a community and pool artistic efforts especially by and for Indians. Engaging efforts such as 'Synthfarm' are a boon to the existing Indian electronic music culture. We have a long way to go in such a big country, in terms of making electronic music more accessible and accepted. On the downside I feel, the rat-race has to stop and supporting the real artists is key to the survival of an 'organic culture'. Education and collaboration are important in creating a larger impact in electronic music, especially in these times of social media madness and fame crazy icons. I have no doubt, that the artists who are dedicated and open to collaboration will be the one's known for the music, as good souls!

'Synth-farmer' and Synthfarm artwork by Audio Pervert.

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