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By Audio Pervert - 12/30/2018

Erica Synths from Latvia is a compact and dedicated group of visionaries, engineers and musicians. Erica Synth, known for their 'distinct' design and 'colourful yet solid' sounding instruments, has rapidly become a sought-after brand, with their boutique synthesizers, modular, semi-modular systems and spatial effects. The last five years, since it's formation in 2013, Erica Synth has witnessed increasing fans worldwide and consequently has produced new innovative instruments. This decade is witness to modular synthesizer culture out-growning traditional synthesizers in terms of innovation, sonic limits, range of products and general awareness (beyond nerd-circles). Erica Synth has put Latvia on the global synthesizer map, with quality and innovation. "We have in-house development and marketing, yet all manufacturing is outsourced : two assembly factories and several other companies (front panels, enclosures, powder-coating, silkscreen, packaging) are involved in manufacturing process ...  I’m really happy to have business in Latvia and make it global." says Girts Ozolins at Erica Synth. We spoke to the Erica team recently about their vision, growth and future plans.

How and why was Erica Synth founded? context to Latvia?
A company was founded on October 1, 2013 when, after spending over 5 years in active DIY synths building, I decided to develop some DIY kits and started to sell them in forums, Muffwiggler mainly. On 2014 Erica Synths moved from my bedroom (literally) in a small, one room office, and on September 1, 2015 engineer Janis and team-rider Kodek to joined the company as partners. At the moment we are team of 7 here in the office, plus two outsourced colleagues - an engineer – analogue designs genius, who works almost exclusively during nights and a guy, who does DIY modules kitting.

The philosophy of Erica Synth?
We believe, any interaction in the world has to be pleasurable. Therefore, our modules are both good looking and intuitive to use. We don’t want users to read 100 pages in user manual we want all controls logically placed, prioritised, so that he/she subconsciously can access any function. Plug and play! Apart from making musical instruments, we promote electronic and experimental music through our Garage project:, as well as setting up an initiative to support visually impaired musicians.

What kind of feedback have you received from Erica synth users? 
Let us just quote the feedback we received - Many musicians are literally "IN LOVE with the fusion filter and VCO's" Someones recently said "They've become integral sound shaping tools for me" We got loads of love for our graphic VCO in particular. Some folks loved our drum modules, making first up bass drum sounds..."sounds excellent” We got good feedback for the Pico and Black Series as well -"I highly use the Pico and the Black series a lot live and they are basically my secret weapons” And this is feedback from the bigger names in electronic music, who can 'tell' the difference. We appreciate feedback from all customers, as it helps to improve modules and understand what musicians need. Especially with modules with advanced features, we had lot of really valuable contributions from the customers in hardware and firmware development.

4. What kind of infrastructure does the production of Erica Synths entail?
We have in-house development and marketing, but all manufacturing is outsourced – two assembly factories and several other companies (front panels, enclosures, powder-coating, silkscreen, packaging) are involved in manufacturing process. All our instruments are made in Latvia, and I believe that Latvia has the best infrastructure in the world for electronics manufacturing. Futher, one of our assembly factories – Alfa RPAR – over last few years has developed several music applications specific IC (integrated circuits) and lot of eurorack and standalone instruments manufacturers worldwide are starting to use them.

Which is most selling Erica synth?
DSPs, Drum modules and a Techno System bring us the most of money... Because we achieved making them sound good, look good and be super-functional, especially for live performances. Many producers have written to us raving about the DSP and Drum Modules coming from many different genres of electronic music.

New Erica Synth products? What's new in 2019?
We need to complete the Sample Drum this year and then fill some gaps in modules for an updated Black System. And, perhaps, some standalone instruments! Stay tuned, as exciting instruments and new versions of our synths will be announced. 

Photos by Markovskis and Erica Synth.

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