Synthfarm : Empowerment, Funding & International Nativity

By Audio Pervert - 10/01/2018

Synthfarm, India's leading residency for electronic music, modular science and sound production has initiated new programs, scholarships and faculty for 2019 and 20. The bi-annual residency has transformed into an annual event, now a formal institution initiating empowerment and development programs in the field of electronic music. Indian talent, emerging artists and sounds being the focus of this international effort (co-funded and managed in India, Switzerland, Spain and Germany). The new website features the first sound library titled 'Sound Farm' and scholarship offers for female talent plus 13 short video narratives from various participants and faculty. The partnership page contains the call for funding : a detailed document outlining the achievements, challenges, future plans and distribution of resources. The residency set in a garden estate inside the lush tropical canvas of West Bengal, is a bright example of creating music education and fostering creativity : electronic music and technology which is 'open to all'. Synthfarm 2019 is on 1st, 2nd and 3rd February.

Synthfarm's ideology, hedged on 'inclusivity and openness' clearly departs from most formal music institutions in India, which are charging exorbitant prices and offering industrial grade training in return. Past 4 years of persistent planning, networking and activism has lead the project to take off  to an extent. "The idea behind synthfarm was borne out of celebrating creativity instead of copying and learning given music technology. We as an older generation of producers and synthesizer lovers in India, felt the need to create a space for learning, sharing and caring - centered around electronic music" states Lionel Dentan, who heads the modular synthesis course at Synthfarm. "At Synthfarm, i learned aspects of electronic music in an organic way using practical and theoretical engagement. Outside the traditional classroom with teacher scene" says Sameeruddin, a bollywood music producer based in Mumbai. "The students here are not afraid to ask questions or engage their doubts nor are the teachers tired of explaining simple things..." says Ryan Ossiv, a DJ and newbie producer based in Orrisa, attending the residency earlier this year. "I am very curious about synthesizers and wanted to learn how sound is created and manipulated on-the-fly. I learned how to make a small synth in 3 days" says Dhanya Pilo, a visual artist, editor and sailor based in Mumbai speaking about her experience at Synthfarm. "It feels like a great place, where we can find peace of mind, space to set up equipment and have fun with friends, producers and synthesizer lovers" states  Matt Black of Coldcut fame and one half of the seminal UK based label Ninja Tune. Matt presented ‘Ninja Jamm’ - An iOS and Android based app which creates instant music using sampled sounds with loop sequencing. "I was here last year and i had a strong feeling that i want to part of this again and again" says United Machines, a live electronica artist and producer based in Mumbai. "It's a beautiful flowering of almost 30 years of Indian electronica that has come together as synthfarm, as a community and a residency" says Darren Sangita, a producer and psy-artist from the UK.

The Synthfarm PR note states, "The cost of education is subsidized at Synthfarm in order to attract more students as well as create diversity (of classes, gender, geographies and practices). A majority of urban music schools and tech-institutions in India charge exorbitant prices (often unaffordable for most amateur artists). Our ideology has gradually succeeded in it’s objective due to appropriated funds and resources of curators and grass-roots planning. Yet sustainability over long term remains insecure, as it did when we started out. Empowering participants with access, education and DIY tools is a vital part of  Synthfarm. We are now reaching out to institutions, patrons, brands and synthesizer experts allover the world in order to create a larger impact and reach... " 

Next Synthfarm will be held 1st, 2nd, 3rd February 2019. Apply Here. For funding options and scholarship details download documents here. Visit

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