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By Audio Pervert - 12/24/2017

Synthfarm edition 5 is open for registration ! A bi-annual summit now in it’s third year, is witness to a milieu of producers, DJs, musicians, sound-engineers and DIY geeks gather from all over the country to learn, collaborate and showcase emerging technology. From ex metal-heads seeking electronica to bollywood cats leaning towards modular synthesis to complete newbie DJs and Producers dwelling into sound, this 3 day residency is one of the most interesting grounds for technology and emerging talent. Synthfarm aims to demystify music production, sound synthesis and understand the studio. Since 2015, Synthfarm has hosted more than 70 attendees and 8 educators as faculty.

Synthfarm 5 (9/10/11 February 2018) presents new courseware and new immersive experiences. Curators at Synthfarm have extended their focus and curriculum to cover new learning. To build fun, affordable, basic synthesizers and decrypt music via cognitive science. Synthfarm is India’s unique summit for electronic music and the nascent culture within from an Indian context (it’s super economic and very ecologic) This novel enterprise, originally founded by Varun Desai (Littlei Kolkata) has been gradually empowered, by various agencies and artists, now spanning Spain, Switzerland, UK and India.

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