Jessop & Co.

By Audio Pervert - 3/01/2016

Chaos, dissonance, in-harmonics, unpredictability, latent brutality and an overall sense of non-conformity is what makes Jessop & Co. (from Kolkata) a complete anomaly in the scene.  A scene otherwise dotted with 'instantly gratifying mocktronica' or the occasional starlets christened by RBMA. Jessop's sound shoots an arrow of defiance inside the current hiatus of electronic music in India. Brimming with zest yet hollering up the vast universe of noise and experimental, psychological sound dimensions. Exit 4/4 slavery, Enter Planet Unstable Frequency.

The band is Anupal Adhikari and Subho Sen Sharma . The visual paradigm of 
Sabyasachi Chowdhury creates the trio of Shunya or 0000 - Culled upfront as 'Bengali-to-the-core', yet totally anarchistic and liberal in their ideas of  sound, music and synthesis. In a blindfold test scenario, it would be impossible to imagine a sound, this stark & yet so meditative emerging from the backwaters of urban Kolkata. Is Jessop the 'sonder' of a very slow decaying place ? The method to their expression is chaotic itself, as Jessop compose and perform off several analog and digital processes. A tandem chain of noise machines and samplers on Max MSP and Ableton Live. Often a macabre sight of t00 many cables. "The laptop will just heat up, way too much... I want some real analog gear now" Say Subho, as the initial debauchery inside the digital realm reaches an over-load of sorts.  A series of stark monochromatic reactions of sound is forged upon old television sets, lights and projections.  Their sound is definitely veering towards a twisted cinematic thought stream. Their beats and bass-lines are mostly invisible and incognito. Multiple layers of subliminal ambience is applied and negated in the due course of each song. Yet these compositions are not songs, not for you, not for your granny or the local dj. Noise is omnipotent facet of Jessop & Co. Everyone has a story, Jessop is a journey into the nether world of sound dystopia. Political nature of music and sound is seldom traversed in India, exceptions become even more important in an otherwise no-brain free market world.

"Aspiring lobbyists for the unstable and the incoherent, or the willingly intoxicated."

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0000 - in chemicals. in audio visual.

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