Analog Synthesizer Performance

By Audio Pervert - 12/20/2013

Artists : Charanjit Singh, Yohanz Westerman, Leonel Dentan ( Da Saz ) and Audio Pervert.
Instruments : Korg Volca Drum-Bass Unit + Dave Smith Mopho + Moog Delay + Korg Monotribe + Technosaurus Monosynth + Make Noise Mod Oscillator + Doepfer DarkTime Sequencer + Roland 303 - 808 + Jupitor 6.

Event : Amarrass Music Festival, December 2013.
Venue : Lodhi Hotel, New Delhi.

Captain Dubroshniev a.k.a Da Saz a.k.a Lionel Dentan along-with Samrat B a.k.a Audio Pervert, performed live electronic music and sound at the Amarrass Festival 2013. Using a plethora of analog synthesizers all wired and in sync via voltage (and not midi), the duo delivered two hours of ambient, dub, glitchy, deep bass and minimal forms of electronic music. The duo opened for the main attraction at the Amarrass event. 

The legend of Charanjit Singh`s 10 ragas to a disco beat returned to India, in collaboration with Johanz Westerman (Holland) and his massive old-school synthesizer arsenal. That unique cross-over acid house prototype sound of 1982, recreated, live, via the legendary Roland 303, 808 and Jupitor 6 all rewired by Johanz, set against a 16 channel mix-desk, continuously orchestrating Charanjits performance and voice. Charanjit Singh, now 71 years old is at the top of his form, taking on the ragas on oscillating square waves, soloing rather macabre and singing the classic vocoder voice. This was Charanjit`s first gig in India, after a much speculated tour of Europe this summer.

The contrast between the two acts, and given their generational gap, made the concert a brave and vivid display of electronic music - creativity, in a live context. The old-school raga-on-rave in contrast to the upstart, new-school synthesizer mindset. Not to forget that there was a total absence of laptops or computers. Not one Mac seen on stage.

An unsuspecting audience gradually grooving on the banging kicks and claps of disco, set against a barrage of ragas and sharp leads beaming from analog synthesizers. The event was a far cry from the current roost of electronica jocks who gaze into their macbooks or taking selfies and are usually playing a track downloaded from Wait a minute, what year is this ? Who cares ... Let the sound speak for itself.

Big + + shout to the Amarrass Crew
Reproduce Artist Management.
Film : Ankur Malhotra (Amarrass Records)

LIVE ON RADIO :95 FM. Charanjit and Johanz :


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