Why they never went back to the moon ...

It's a long standing controversial debate, that the Americans never went to the Moon.
Desperate to topple erstwhile USSR in the space-race and at the Olympics, the red-necks at Washington apparently never got the 'shit together' to send a man on the moon ..
Yet thats old news and yet proven only as evidential conspiracy.
Its been a while anyone looked at the moon in terms of going back there ..

And now, a movie which explains Why " they " did not go back there .. ever !
An multimillion dollar squander that is . This sorry Apollo is the the worst piece of sci-fi cine !
- worse than going through an issue of Readers Digest ! A totally unimaginative, scientifically preposterous and politically muddled american 'douche' drama. A major blockbuster in the west coast in 2011, the official website claims and face book group shows people dressed as astronauts coming out of the
cinema halls.

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