Italo Cine Music

Italo Cine Music has a deep rich legacy, which has 'sonorized' thousands of hollywood, italian and european movies over a stretch of three decades. Post world-war two, Italian composers, sound engineers, musicians, classically trained pianists and mult-instrumentalists would propagate an era of creativity and windfall prosperity.  Though Italian cinema since 1920s is witness to many cutting edge directors and avant-garde concepts - it has also lead the way to a complete spectrum of titivating pot-boilers, political satires and shock inducing sex-thrillers. Yet the aspect of music and sound design would remain serious business : progressive as well as very competitive within Italy. At it's peak during the 1960s the industry was employing more than 17000 musicians and technicians. The most bogus romantic pot-boilers to gun-smoked western cowboy dramas to bloody vampire classics would 'appear' magical and breathtaking, simply because of the new corpus of sound : An industry which was taking big risks and melting popular genres, forms and 'coloring' music via a multitude of new sensibilities, instruments and technologies. This 'Italo' era would last till the mid 70s eventually fading against disco, punk and 'incoming pop'. This vast recorded legacy of music is an invisible bench-mark of sorts - Post 90s, with the revival of noire and cult B/W movies, Italian cine music would cast deep impressions on countless younger directors, producers, musicians and film buffs in various parts of the world. A huge repository of listening, of forms, sounds and samples to say the least...

Yet Wait ! This feature possibly cannot begin to unearth nor showcase the massive legacy of Italian cine music. We recently received a generous cache of recordings from Italo Cine Repositorio in Genoa : Containing over 30 different albums archived from various Cassette and Vinyl sources. Featuring original soundtracks as well compilations of various composers, the package is free for download under Creative Commons Share Alike License.

Featured composers :

1. Bruno Nicolai
2. Fred Bongusto
3. Gianni Ferrio
4. Jean Jacques Perrey
5. Franco Micalizzi
6. Paolo Vasile
7. Armando Travajoli

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