Based in Moscow, Dmitry Morozov a.k.a vtol is a Russian multidisciplinary artist, with a vast body of work involving robotics, sound, music, tactile surfaces, circuits and toys in conjunction with science and technology. The vtol narrative is based on technology being used inside very contrasting fields. As his installations, custom synthesizers, noise making algorithms, circuit bent toys and certain spectacular and curious concept-art pieces are witness to his sheer zest and creative energy. Even showcase installations involving his own blood, transforming and manifesting into sound and music!

The last 15 odd years, ::vtol:: has exhibited and performed in many locations and cities across Russia, Germany, France, UK, Poland, United States, Norway, India and Portugal. 2017 vtol's installation at Ars Electronica in Linz Austria won the 'Digital Music and Sound Art' prize as well as his showcase at the Prix Cube in Paris. Further, Dmitry imparts various lecture workshops about technological practices in art as well as building synthesizers and sound machines. Moscow city is witness to several of his installations and concerts in the last decade and a brief stint in the famous documentary Elektro Moskva. Currently travelling in India, we had the fortune moment to see and hear about all his works and what he envisages in his field of mix media technology. His gadgets and installations often question and challenge the norms of technology, life and every-day objects.

'The Driver'
Kinetic sound object. The mechanism is a system consisting of two sound circuits and auxiliary mechanical and electronic elements. The installation is a representation of chance and randomness triggered via sound and vibration. The device is a 'self-generating' mechanism both in terms of physical play and sound emission.

'Wave is my Nature'
Using the reference point of a wave as the basis of almost all audiovisual art, the theory of wave–particle duality is the source of inspiration here. Where we assume light to be a particle as well as a wave, existing at the same time. The installation manifests itself by using kinetic waves with wide ranging amplitude change, which in turn is translated unto many stretched cables, moving by a system of motors.

'The System'
A range of synthesizers, effect processors and atonal generative audio devices all built by Dmitry over the years. The range aptly titled as 'The System' : it contains more than 25 instruments which are all unique, yet all mostly dwelling into the theories of chance, change and randomness. Modular in nature, the machines can be seamlessly patched together to create very distinct 'ambient or ilbient' dense abstract sounds and beats. vtol.cc/filter/system

::vtol:: until I die

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