Liz Cirelli

Liz Cirelli is an artist with multiple roles, as a composer, singer, producer, audio-engineer and motivation guide. Her pursuit into these various inter-related, yet often separated paradigms, began not like the usual musician's journey but as a ballet dancer with a classical-music background. She has released 2 albums and several singles till date. She states "I was pretty much enchanted by this world of sounds and textures almost immediately, but my passion for classical music never left my heart. What I aim to create in my sound is a fusion of the worlds of classical and electronic. What draws me to classical music is the beauty of it - how moving certain chord sequences and harmonies are - so I try to recreate this in the music I make, whilst fusing the classical elements with the varied sounds and textures that electronic music lends" ... "Music is my sanctuary" as her website reads. Born in the UK, she currently resides in Italy in the nest of her roots, Roseto Valforte, Puglia.

Her sound conjures wide cinematic feelings as well as the ambient overtures that reflect her classical music influences, often dwelling towards darker, somber and 'maudlin' vibes. Tunes like "It's a given" and In Dreams We Play are superb examples of very 'fine' placement of sounds and modulation of frequencies. Her production of sound, is evidence itself of how women artists can be as good 'producers and engineers' as men. The album titled Sahasrara (Ambient Healing Sound) contains rich long streams of ambient melodies and manicured glitchy beats & sounds. Her music, somewhat like a stream of consciousness, speaks to the listener via the sound without the usual trappings of a voice or steamy climaxes or big effects and drops.  Liz delivers a positive energy, a simple message via her work and music - Her stance is quite a contrast in an industry which is currently overloaded with noise, avarice and hype. She explains "I've actually been really fortunate in that sense I can't really remember experiencing any really bad turns in my career specifically. It took me a while (more or less 10 years) to pluck up the courage to invest all my energy into doing music full time, and when I did, the magic started to happen. Providence began providing and doors started opening. The harder I worked, the more commitment I showed, the more the momentum grew. It was almost like the universe was testing me: "how much do you really want this?" She firmly believes in the power of music, that contains a healing side, as she says "I do not consider the music I make to come from me ... it comes from something so much greater than me .. I do it with a prayerful intention, allowing myself to simply be the vessel, that channels what the Divine wishes to express, through me."

How does she intend to take this big, rich sound for audiences, the stage ?
In all honesty, I don't yet know how my live performances will manifest. At the moment I'm still very studio-based and am yet to take my new sound into the live arena. In my heart I'd love to work with other musicians when it comes to live performances. I've recently started collaborating with an awesome drummer and guitarist - and I fully intend to include the material we're working on in my forthcoming album, Awakening. If everything flows, I'd love to develop my live show with them, maybe with me on keys and voice - maybe I could work some of my DJ skills into the live show.. let's see how it all unfolds. Anything is possible!

Tell us what the Daydreamers Project entails to do ? Why is it important ?
Daydream Believers was set up as the result of an epiphany that I had. I realized that, by casually sharing on my social media channels my own struggles and achievements as a creative person, I was inspiring others to step out their comfort zone and start following their own calling. I felt that myparticular set of life experiences could help inspire others to find a way to emancipate their dreams. And thus Daydream Believers was born. I also believe one of the reasons this world is so dysfunctional is because our creativity and dreams are often stamped on and even ridiculed - and eventually snuffed out ... What would the world be like if we were all encouraged to follow our dreams? It's a long and very rocky road and I feel it's important to do my bit to help others navigate it. In the Daydreamers family 'we' help, guide and encourage one another in our creative paths.

A gorgeous and haunting rendition of Losing My Religion (REM). Her new album is out soon on

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